Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finale report, Part 3

Ugly Betty: So obviously this show is not afraid to be totally ridiculous and since it's based on a telenovela, things are bound to be crazy. But somehow I wasn't too big a fan of the twists that the season finale brought. I mean, there was a ton to love in the episode, with Wilhemina trading Marc for a wedding date, Amanda and Christina getting stuck in the "love dungeon," Charlie turning out to be pregnant but then also a cheater, and Justin singing in his school musical. But Amanda being Fey's daughter? And Santos getting gunned down in a convenience store? I suppose the Amanda reveal could lead to lots of funny stuff, but the Santos thing is just horrible. Seriously, poor Hilda! I'm not really worried about the show next season or anything but I guess I just kind of wish they hadn't gone there.

Regardless, I know I haven't blogged much about this show, but it's been very consistently entertaining and has really had some of the best performances of the season. Nearly everyone on the show has been rocking it big time. My personal faves are Becki Newton, Michael Urie, Mark Indelicato, and of course Christopher Gorham!

Brothers & Sisters: This show was really grown into its own this season, and I'm beginning to think that the Walkers are really one of the most convincing TV families out there. As much as I like the action and sci-fi and gimmicky shows, I still definitely have a soft spot for the more standard dramas. I don't know that B&S has reached the emotional heights of say, Friday Night Lights, but it's definitely one of the most consistently satsifying shows on my plate.

Take the finale. Instead of brewing up some soap-opera cliffhanger, it ended simply and beautifully. By the Walkers' own admission, it had been a crazy year, and it was nice to end the season without a huge amount of drama (though there was plenty of emotion). The scene with Nora and Kitty saying goodbye to Justin at the airport was wonderful. I kind of wished that McCallister's family wasn't so crazy, but it was kind of funny to see the Walkers look somewhat sane in comparison. And loved Kevin and Jason! Eric Winter is everywhere nowadays. I remember back when he was Rex on Days of Our Lives, then he popped up on Wildfire, and hopefully he'll be sticking around on B&S next season (although I believe he's in a pilot that picked up also...). I'm glad they finally fleshed out Rebecca's secret about her affair with an older, married teacher. And I also like that while Joe and Sarah are separating for now, they haven't completely given up yet. I thought the kids' reactions were really well done. In light of all that, Sarah's toast at the engagement party was that much better. And Tommy...poor neglected Tommy finally got some screentime in the last few episodes, and Sarah Jane Morris also got a chance to shine after an entire season in the background. The choice they had to make with their twins was really heartbreaking and extremely well portrayed. And the final scene, with the entire family jumping into the pool was maybe a little cheesy but I thought it was a really fitting and nice to see everyone (even including Holly and Rebecca) in a moment of just pure happiness.

Evidently Greg Berlanti has two more shows coming next season: Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone. I'm starting to really like the guy. I always doubt him in the beginning but he's definitely talented. Yay for Brothers & Sisters.

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