Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sytycd fall 2009 - initial thoughts

Channing & Phillip: The Jitter. I felt this looked so amateurish. Kinda what I expect on DWTS, not on SYTYCD! Not a huge fan of Phillip, he seems so... I dunno, but like he likes himself a lot. I liked Evan's brother Ryan way more. :( I think I could like Channing, but to me it looked like SHE was leading the dance sometimes.

Ashleigh & Jakob: I've disliked Ashleigh from the beginning because she seems so fake and one-dimensional. But I gotta say, she was really, really awesome in this dance. This DANCE was amazing (love Tyce!) and... Jakob was incredible. I think I definitely have my season favorite already.

Ariana & Peter: I actually really liked the dance. It made me happy to see better hip hop already this season from NappyTabs. But I do agree that the two looked like they were doing different dances, but man... that was really fun choreography!!! Yay for fun hip hop! The two dancers I may not remember. (But I do think they danced better than the first couple!)

Russell &... Fat Melanie?!?!: Okay Noelle has the most annoying voice ever, though she's not as bad as hysterical girl. Is she the one that's precocious Molly's new best friend? Russell was my favorite coming into the Top 20's, and he's STILL one of my favorites. He was awesome. I really don't like this Melanie filling in business though!!! (Foxtrot was yawn for me, though.)

?!?! I'm MISSING FOUR DANCES!!! (My DVR screwed up somehow...)

Victor & Bianca: (watched on rickey.org) It's really interesting how talented the guy contemporary dancers are this year, but it's not a in your face Brandon/Will type of incredible but a quiet, beautiful lines and amazing movement incredible. Makes me happy. I really liked a LOT of elements that Travis used in this dance, way more than the necklace dance last season. Like Bianca tumbling in sync with Victor walking; the lift where he was holding her perpendicular from him; I don't even know how to describe some of the dance movement, but I liked!!

Karen & Kevin: Truthfully, I probably won't remember them much when next week rolls around. She got lucky cuz it's her genre and she definitely reminds me of Anya. But still, nowhere near as awesome as Chelsie Hightower was, in my opinion. :)

Ryan & Ellenore: Ellenore was my favorite female going into Top 20. Truthfully she just got lucky to get yet another dance with Sonyah... It was good, they were awesome, I enjoyed it... but I probably won't remember this one. Just nothing by Sonyah has particular seemed awesome to me since The Garden with Courtney & Mark... :) BTW, I didn't even realize who Ryan was until the end -- quite impressive, Mr. Ballroom/Husband-guy.

Pauline & Brandon: Haha, I totally agree with Nigel... That was totally prom couple... I feel bad for Brandon because he totally had everything stacked against him, since he wasn't supposed to be in this Top 20. Hopefully Nigel can get him a fair chance back next year.

(And now the rest was on my DVR...)

Kathryn & Legacy: Hysterical Girl. I'm amazed she was able to talk a full sentence without breaking into tears. Legacy irritated me during auditions because he kept talking about himself in third person, and his name isn't even a name!!! Legacy got so lucky getting hip hop his first week, but man Kathryn DEFINITELY surprised me. More fun hip hop, YAY!!!!

Molly & Nathan: Haha, they look so young, and I know they ARE young... but they look their ages which is kinda funny for me watching them disco. Disco on this show has become quite a thing to watch. Lotsa fun. But I felt like I was watching HSM does disco...

My bottom four would've been: Phillip, Brandon... uh, I don't know what girls. I guess, who they picked. NOT RUSSELL! It's not his fault he danced with FAT MELANIE!!

Anyway, not particularly sad by results. First few weeks are just kinda "huh?" weeks anyway. As in, "Huh? Who was that?" :)

Yay for SYTYCD! (Sorry for the long, boring post...)