Friday, January 18, 2008

Project Runway: Team Fierce!

You know, I'm pretty bummed that Kit got kicked off this week. She was actually one of my favorites, although maybe more for her personality and personal style than her actual designs? She'd been safe in the middle for so many weeks that I'd kind of just been waiting for her to really break out and do something awesome. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. I don't necessarily disagree with the judges' decision but I just really think it's a shame that she's gone while Ricky is still skating by. He's been in the bottom more times than I can count and doesn't seem to be getting any better. Kit's said in a few post-auf Q&As that she wished she could have gotten more feedback from the judges, and I really do sympathize. I know keeping everyone on the runway for the individual questions and evaluations would take forever, but being in the middle is kind of being in limbo...

Anyway, I really liked this week's challenge because the designers were given free reign to NOT be practical and wearable. I think one of my favorite PR designs of all time is Jeffrey's couture gown from last season, which was just something that normal people just don't think of, EVER. And I got a little bit of that this week from Christian and Chris' crazy layered gown. At first they might have kind of seemed like an odd couple, but with Christian's strong point of view and Chris' experience with costume-y stuff, they were kind of a dream team for this challenge. A lot of people probably think Christian's irritating, but he always cracks me up. I loved that Tim called them Team Fierce!

I also really really loved Jillian and Victorya's trench coat. Haha I don't know what else to say about it except that it was HOT. I am kind of baffled by their time managements skills (or lack thereof) though...why did they work so hard on the blouse and pants that were barely even shown and leave their second look to the TWO HOURS BEFORE THE RUNWAY SHOW? That said, I am kind of impressed that Jillian put that thing together so fast. It was cute, though I don't know about it really capturing the essence of the avant-garde piece...

As for Rami and Sweet P...I think in my last PR post I called Rami the nice guy, but he doesn't get that label this week. I kind of got the feeling that Rami didn't really respect Sweet P very much. He's worked well in other teams, especially with Jillian, but this week he was just being controlling and kind of rude. I was always glad when the judges called him out for his all-draping, all-the-time designs but complimented Sweet P on her dress (which I thought was really quite cute).

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