Sunday, January 13, 2008

cashmere mafia -- a differing opinion

Of course, I tend to have a lot more follow-through in staying with crappy shows than Jenn, especially overly drama-filled shows; So, it's not too surprising that I plan on sticking with it. But similar to Jenn, I really enjoy the 4 actresses they chose for the leading roles. And similar to Jenn, I agree that it's sort of a stretch to believe that such vastly different women (and so stereotypically different: a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, and an asian?! not even a repeat in hair color!) have been friends for 15 years. (Though, unlike SATC at least there's a brief explanation of HOW they met.) But what I have to say is the huge draw for me is the fact that these are four women who are wildly successful. It is really nice to see strong, successful women portrayed on tv. And they did not have to merely use their looks or their wiles (okay, so Lucy Liu's character does quite a bit) to get there. When I graduated from school, had I gone into the business world like many of my friends, the lives that these women lead would be the ones I would have dreamt and hoped for, but probably wouldn't have believed I could attain. In truth, especially in the large city of New York City, there are women like that out there (I hope), and it's nice to see it on TV (even if over-glamorized and over dramatized!).

In any case, I'm willing to see how this show plays out. And fortunately, with very little tv to watch due to the writer's strike, I have the time to! :)

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