Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I kind of love ABC Family

Thank goodness ABC Family has new episodes of Kyle XY, Wildfire, and Greek for this year!

Kyle XY was up first last night. I remember being kind of disappointed back in the fall that they were saving the second of the season for this year, but with the strike and all, I'm so glad they did. Sometime during the first half of the season I started to really love this show...a lot of questions were answered, and they've done a really good job balancing all the Zyzyx-Madacorp-Kyle's brain stuff with the more personal stories.

And I actually really loved the way they handled Jessi's story. I was afraid that she was just going to be Kyle's annoying evil counterpart, but they've built in a lot of nice shades to her story. And I thought last night's premiere was pretty satsifying. They did a bit of a "reset" with Kyle and Jessi and the Tragers bringing down Madacorp (a la Sydney destroying SD-6, Max destroying Manticore), which I was a little worried about because I wasn't sure where the show was going to go from there, but after seeing the previews for the season, I'm pretty excited. As much as I'm glad that Jessi's realized that she can do good now, I think it'll be really interesting to see how her dark side comes out without the influences of Madacorp. BRING ON the Kyle and Jessi showdown!

Also I hope Foss isn't gone forever (because I love Nicholas Lea), I hope Lori and Declan get back together (because they're so obviously meant to be together), and I hope Andi doesn't die (because I like her and that would be way too melodramatic).

And Wildfire is coming back next Monday. You know sometimes I'm not quite sure why I continue to watch this show...Kris is often extremely annoying and stubborn and kind of undeserving of having two guys in love with her. But I still kind of love it. Dani is like Blair from Gossip Girl in that she's kind of a huge bitch but she's kind of awesome anyway, and I kind of love Junior despite all of his pining for Kris and that ridiculous bull riding thing from last season. The promos are showing Junior getting married though which I do not understand whatsoever. NO ONE on this show should be getting married. I guess I prefer Kris and Junior over Kris and Matt, but they definitely should not be getting married. And it better not be someone stupid like Gillian (even though I do like her). Sigh, we'll just have to see!

Finally, last but not least, Greek is coming back in March! I totally loved this show last summer, and I can't wait for it to come back. The last episode had Jen K. (played by lonelygirl15 herself, Jessica Lee Rose) revealed as the person who wrote the article pretty much damning the school's entire Greek system, and Rusty and Casey going home for the holidays with their relationships kind of up in the air. I have to say that I've really enjoyed the Evan/Casey/Cappie love triangle because I really do like both guys. Cappie is totally awesome but I can see why Casey likes Evan too...

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