Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gossip Girl: parent swapping

So I realize that this is a soap, and that it's more interesting and convenient to create relationships among existing characters, but why must the adults on teen shows always have romances with the parents of their childrens' friends'? Is it really like this with rich people? Like on the OC, there was Kirsten and Jimmy, and Julie dated Kirsten's dad, Summer's dad, and Ryan's dad, and didn't Taylor's mom date Summer's dad too? And now we have Lily choosing between Chuck's dad and Dan's dad. It's just ridiculous! And I mean, I don't get why not choosing Rufus meant that she had to marry Bart Bass. I don't see why she NEEDS to get married. Sigh, where is this storyline going?

Anyway, as for the younger set, it seems like most teen shows tend to have this kind of episode where the entire gang gets into trouble and things get all messed up before getting sorted out. I have to say that I started liking Nate a lot more this episode. As soon as he thought Blair was the one who had the key, he fake-confessed to protect her. That IS pretty romantic. It definitely sucks that he got suspended where Serena only got community service though...

One thing I really love about this show is how well they've constructed all the characters' fashion identities. Like Chuck at the pool party: I KNEW he wasn't going to be wearing some regular old swim trunks...and of course he was wearing a shirt. And of course Serena was wearing one of those one-piece swimsuits that only tall and skinny girls can wear. But what possible explanation can there be for Kati and Iz always dressing alike? Are they trying to copy Blair but can't do it alone and can only construct one outfit per occasion so they both wear it?

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