Thursday, January 03, 2008

Project Runway: the Hershey's plastic packaging challenge?

I was actually in Times Square last week (and probably countless other times in my life) but I don't know that I've ever noticed that there was a Hershey store there. Am I completely oblivious or is it the fact that I'm just not that into candy?

So I'm not really sure I understood this episode. I know every season has an unconventional materials challenge (last season was recyclables, before that was plants) but this just seemed like weird product placement. They weren't required to use anything edible (and only Jillian ended up doing that) so they all ended up using a lot of pillows and candy packaging, which I don't dispute was challenging, but I'm not entirely what was the point. They were supposed to make something wearable but then I guess they were also supposed to capture the fun of chocolate and candy? Ummm yeah. And it seems we ended up with a whole lot of strapless tops and skirts...?

I do love the episodes where Tim Gunn wakes up all the designers super early and takes them on field trips though...I love Tim Gunn!

There are still quite a few designers left but it seems like some frontrunners are emerging. Rami definitely deserved his win this week...his dress was super cute but still complex and extremely well made. I like his personality too...very calm and friendly. I think he's kind of the Chloe/Uli of the season. Christian alternates between being hilarious and annoying so he's kind of the Santino/Jeffrey, and I think Jillian might be the young hip designer a la Michael Knight/Daniel V. Hmmm are these going to be the final three? I think Kevin, Kit, and Victorya (despite a bad performance this week and an increasingly irritating attitude) are still contenders too though. Chris did well this week (finally), and Ricky's been safely in the middle for a couple of weeks now but we definitely need to see more from them. And Sweet P...well, I think her days are numbered.


Vance said...

You never noticed the Hershey's store there? Best place to get free candy on your way to the theatre (at least when they are passing out free candy. I don't mean stealing it).

Anyways, what the hell is Ricky still doing on the show anyways? I can't believe Kevin was out. He deserved better.

Mira said...

my favorites this season are: jillian, rami, and kevin. (though i haven't seen the past week's episode yet, and just found out that he was auf'd. ::sigh::)

i really like that they were such a cohesive group when they worked together and they are all individually hardworkers without causing too much drama. christian, ricky, and victorya annoy me.