Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Season Wrap-ups Part 1

I haven't been able to watch any TV except on weekends for the past couple of months so I also haven't really been able to post timely reviews of too much. Season finales totally crept up on me, I can't believe it's almost the end of May already! Anyway, here are some of my season thoughts on the series that have ended so far. Much much more to come!

How I Met Your Mother: I really loved the premise of this show but quickly found out that it wasn't really going to factor in very much and it was really just another comedy about twenty-somethings in New York. It's definitely not the next Friends, but for me, that's kind of a good thing because I was never a big fan of Friends. The biggest thing How I Met Your Mother has going for it is definitely Barney. Neil Patrick Harris has somehow made Barney this incredibly big tool who still manages to be loveable and hilarious. The episode where we found out about his past and how he became who he is now was totally awesome. I'm also a big fan of Lily and Marshall. After watching Alyson Hannigan be Willow for 7 seasons on Buffy, I'm surprised by how fast I shook that off, which is really a huge credit to her acting ability. That said, the season ended on a pretty depressing note, especially for a half-hour comedy. I thought the lead up to the breakup was pretty realistic though (Lily's high school/college flashback was so awesome, I love how they met!) unlike the contrived nonsense that is Ted and Robin and basically anything involving Ted. I'm glad it picked up for another season, but seriously, when can we stop pretending to care about Ted and Robin and find out who "the Mother" is?

Gilmore Girls: An aggravating end to an aggravating season. The only good things about this season have been...uh, Jess, and Lane and Zack's wedding. I've always been a Jess fan, despite his moments of being a huge jerk, and somehow I still really feel like Jess was the only boyfriend that really made sense for Rory. Maybe it's just because of their great chemistry because they're a couple in real life, I don't know. But his appearances were both really well-placed and exactly what Rory needed. As for Lane and Zack, I thought their getting married was pretty dumb in general but the wedding episode was hilarious. I loved the way that Mrs. Kim hides from her mother the same way that Lane hides from Mrs. Kim. As for the rest, i.e. Luke/Lorelai and almost everything with Rory, it sucked. Not sure how next season is going to go, but I really wish I could stop caring so much.

America's Next Top Model: I'm still a little bewildered by the craziness that was Jade. She was just so ridiculously arrogant and her claiming that she really wasn't just made it worse. Ugh. It was a bit irritating that she made it so close to the end, but honestly she was better than some of the other girls and there was no way that she was going to win, so it's alright. Glad that Danielle and Joanie were the final two and I really would have been happy with either of them winning. Man, how did I get hooked on this show?

Top Chef: Go Harold! From the beginning he was one of my picks to win (my other was Lee Anne, who really got kicked off too early) and I'm glad he did. It was a strange finale though, because he was obviously the overwhelming favorite. Tiffani, though a really great cook and risk-taker and innovator, just wasn't likeable. Had her opponent not been as capable as Harold, she might have had a chance, but in the end, it went down the right way. I really enjoyed this show, though it wasn't quite as good as Project Runway because we, the audience, couldn't really judge the food firsthand, because obviously we couldn't taste it. Plus the host, Katie Lee Joel, was pretty horrendous, and I wish the chefs also had a mentor figure akin to Tim Gunn on PR. Regardless, I will be tuning in to the second season, and Harold, I'll be coming to your restaurant in NY!

Scrubs: Started out the season a little TOO wacky but then things evened out and just became wonderful. The entire cast has been in top form this season, especially Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke, who have really grown into their characters. I love how this show mixes the light and absurd with real heartfelt honesty. Not sure where the JD pregnancy thing is going to go, but we'll have to wait quite awhile to find out since it won't be back until midseason.

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