Thursday, July 08, 2010

T^2: Emmys!

M: Emmy nominations were released today. Who/what were you really happy to see recognized with a nomination? Who/what got robbed of a nomination?

Jennifer: I was so so happy to see that Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton got nominated for Friday Night Lights! It's definitely about time. I was also glad to see all the love for Modern Family though I think it's odd that all the adults were nominated except for Ed O'Neill. I'm mostly okay with the Glee nominations, especially for Chris Colfer and Mike O'Malley as Kurt and his dad, but am pretty flabbergasted by Matthew Morrison's nomination. Nothing about his performance stands out to me, except maybe his cringeworthy dancing and rapping. It's crazy to me that he was nominated over say, Joel McHale from Community. Speaking of which, Community was completely snubbed. It (and Parks and Recreation) was miles better than both The Office and 30 Rock this year. Amy Poehler did get nominated, though, so at least there's that. And what in the world is it going to take for Cat Deeley to get nominated for Reality Show Host for So You Think You Can Dance?? She's so awesome!

Oh, and I was also secretly glad to see that Tyce Diorio and the Cancer Dance was NOT nominated for the choreography category. I liked the dance but it was overpraised and Tasty Oreo doesn't need another Emmy. I was really happy to see that Stacey Tookey was nominated (love her!) and also Adam Shankman for the Oscars and Chelsie Hightower for Dancing with the Stars! I don't watch DWTS so I'll have to youtube that dance or something. I wonder what it means that Mia was nominated for three pieces though (Addition, Butt Dance, and the Chorus Line group routine) but it was all listed as one entry. Is it like a "Mia Michaels body of work" nomination?

Mira: I, too, was thrilled to see that the best TV couple (And you know what? Thinking back to a Thursday Talk question from ages ago about best relationships -- Tami and Eric Taylor hands down deserve to be on the list! Funny cuz Matt/Julie did make it onto Jenn's list.) were nominated! All the characters on Friday Night Lights are so real and multi-dimensional, but Tami and Eric as played by Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler are definitely the heart and soul of this show full of heart and soul. I was also excited to see the supporting actor nod for Chris Colfer, because Kurt is one of the truly breakout characters to come out of this season of Glee. Also really glad, but not surprised, to see that the women of The Good Wife got recognized with Emmy nominations as well. This show was very quietly one of my favorite new shows of the year.

Robbed? I'm sad that Zach Gilford didn't get a nod for Friday Night Lights. I'm sad that Lisa Edelstein, Cuddy on House, didn't get any Emmy love either. The beauty of House is truly found in the complex relationship between Hugh Laurie's House and her Cuddy.

Leaving the most important for last -- I am *absolutely outraged* that Cat Deeley was snubbed yet again for Outstanding Reality Show Host. She is beautiful, inside and out, and deserves to be recognized for that! Plus, seriously? Ryan Seacrest? The DwTS host? THEY ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO CAT!! :( [Speaking of SYTYCD, I agree with Jenn on the "Cancer Dance" not being nominated. Also, I strongly believe that "Addiction" by itself deserves to take home the Emmy.]

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burkie said...

thanks to jenn, i'm now a fan of FNL and the coach & his wife are the biggest reason, so i'm happiest about kyle & connie, too (even though she's up against my girl, kyra sedgewick, though i think kyra has won this before). sharon gless getting a nom for playing michael westin's mom on "burn notice" was a pleasant surprise.

i agree with mira that lisa edelstein deserves recognition. also, i would have liked to have seen Anika Noni Rose get a supporting nod for her role as Mma Makutsi on The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and--indulge me--John Noble, who plays walter bishop on Fringe. i know, he just hams it up, but he's fun to watch.