Thursday, July 01, 2010

M: my favorite show. :)

Wow, 6 guys, 3 girls... Girls are lucky cuz better odds for contemporary guys. And they're contemporary/jazz girls. Teehee and I like how Alex got Twitch for his partner; Alex has good facial expressions, too!

Adechike: Lauren for hip hop? Interesting switch up and I mean she is good at this. I'm glad that Adechike got a dance that got him a chance to show some personality, humor.

Ashley: New choreographer, cool! (Not the cultural she was hoping for. She keeps getting her contemporary genre. I think I would've bought the concept (female who can't walk on her own) if Ashley were a little more fluid and less powerful in her movement, but the movement together was really interesting. (Funny, Nigel said he liked the fluidity, which I thought there needed more of. Ha!) I really hope to see her in something DIFFERENT than contemporary.

Robert: + Courtney + Sonya? LUCKY. He was really good in this. Problem is he reminds me too much of Mark, which isn't a bad thing, but just doesn't make him stand out enough. He's Mark, but taller, more muscular, and well, fake modest to me. Shrug. Still not my favorite. (Hey Nigel compared him to Mark, too!)

Melinda: Meh, I wasn't that impressed, especially since I thought it'd be better after she said she was Colombian. Yay, I agree with Nigel on it was very rigid and just steps rather than a full performance. I don't think Melinda would've even make top 8 for me if it were a normal 20 contestant show. (HARSH Mia, but I agree!)

Lauren: and Neil are the perfect pairing aesthetically. I usually have mixed feelings about Broadway numbers. Anyway, I really liked that and it was a good number for Lauren.

Billy: + Kathryn + Stacey Tookey. Another fantastically lucky grouping! First song download from this season: Christina Perri, "Jar of Hearts." Also rewinded to rewatch because I really enjoyed that and I love Stacey's work!! (And Billy is an example of true modesty, humility! Think it's fantastic how his inspiration was Legacy!)

Jose: Now he got a true challenge... He is a fun performer to watch, regardless of how well he does the dance. Kinda miss Mary Murphy for ballroom/latin critiquing.

Kent: + Allison (reminds me of Ivan + Allison!). I heart Kent, I really do, but he totally looked like a kid dressed up in his daddy's clothes.

Alex: Haha, with Twitch! :) That was really good and I think Alex just jumped to the top of my favorites list!!! I love how they made fun of his ballet dancer-ness in the middle of that routine. Fantastic!!

Overall Comments:
- Favorite Dance: Alex + Twitch
- Where's Mary Murphy?? Thought she'd at least show up to choreograph or something!
- Really hope they keep some more partner gender mix-ups! That was a nice twist and a really, really fun routine! Especially since there are wayyyy more guys than girls.
- Who needs to go: Melinda! Bottom 3 with her? No clue!
- I wonder if the choreographers are loving having the all-stars back. Sonya has gotten to work with Courtney and Mark quite a few times now, and they are PERFECT Sonya dancers.
- Best solo: Robert, I think. It kind of all bends in my head...

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Jennifer said...

Man that NappyTabs number made me kind of resent all that watered down lyrical crap they've made us suffer through these past couple of years. They can be so good! Yay Alex!

Melinda's time is definitely up. I could do without Robert and Jose also. I loved Adechike's solo but his partner dances still need work.

Still loooooove Kathryn!