Wednesday, July 21, 2010

M: SYTYCD... top 5?! (actually 6)

WHAT? 3 injuries in 3 weeks! What the heck? :(

Lauren: I really love her in the way I loved Chelsie Hightower. Chelsie wasn't off the bat one of my favorites, but Lauren is just so likable and a fantastic performer and dancer. It's funny, I loved some of NappyTabs's lyrical hip hop dances, but I've super duper loved their real hip hop dances this week. I thought Lauren would look dwarfed by Twitch but the two together in that dance were... perfect!
Solo -- Her movement is great, but it's just weird that she never takes a moment to connect to the audience. Her hair and head was just swinging back and forth so frenetically!

Jose: He really needs to step up his technique... Allison is adorable; really glad we got to know her better this season... Sonya's piece was really interesting, really interesting but I kind of think Jose got away with not doing all that much. It was a really cool concept of having all the movement on the edge of the stage -- but Allison had all the tricks...
Solo -- Love how much Jose personality came out in this along with Jose's bag of breaking tricks. :) Probably my favorite solo by a small margin.

Robert: He's straight? Anyway, on Tyce's jazz routine -- it's interesting, the show has had soooo many conceptually strong pieces that dances that are fantastic like this one and so fantastically danced... well it's still forgettable for me. What really did stand out was seeing how strong of a dancer Robert is. He's a really, really great dancer. I just don't care much about him...
Solo -- Better than most? I dunno contemporary guys... Unless it's powerful (ie. Brandon and "O Fortuna") or super musical (Mark and "Bohemian Rhapsody") it's just... meh!

Adechike: Ooh, Adechike and Comfort! Nice, someone who won't be sweet and nice, but sassy. Yay! I couldn't see how hip hop would work with "Fallin'" but that really worked for me. I'm still very surprised to see Adechike still here, but I thought he really played into the part and the dance so strongly here. (To the extent of CRYING!?)
Solo -- It was to the manipulative cancer dance song! But not particularly impressed by Adechike in this...

Kent: Yes, Kathryn IS beautiful! Such a different level of dance that Sonya gave Kent vs. Jose. Uh, there was SOOO much dancing in that piece. I felt tired watching them. I love Kent!
Solo -- Not impressed by his solo that much, too much running around the stage for me.

Lauren + Robert: I really love Lauren. Barely noticed Robert in that salsa. I like how they're really touting this singer, first having her in a results show and now using that song in a dance.

Adechike + Jose: Legacy assisting on a Paso Doble?!? Um, yeah, the technique was just too imbalanced for me... And that seemed like a very short dance...

Aww... I would've loved to have seen Kent + Billy! Boo to injuries! HAHA, stepping! The two whitest guys ever! :) Not saying white guys can't do step, but... these are two contemporary dancer white guys! And of course Billy ends up not doing it so... it's Kent + Twitch. I'm not sure why but Kent just looked really comical to me the entire time.... REALLY comical. But the judges liked him??

Favorites: Lauren, Adechike
In danger of going home: Jose

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Jennifer said...

Watched this episode in HD on my new TV!!

I hope Jose goes home tonight. I like him and all but I feel like in any other season he wouldn't have even made top 10. Robert can go too...I recognize his talent and technique but his personality bugs me.

I'm rooting for Kent and Lauren final two. I wonder if Kent winning is a foregone conclusion...

No more injuries!