Wednesday, July 28, 2010

M: a real top 6!

Kent: I was expecting that song based on the concept... Everytime I watch Anya dance, I keep thinking about how fantastic she is and ignore her partner. Oops, but Kent was good, too.

Robert: Yay, emotional Stacey Tookey! Though I'm still not rooting for Robert, I'm not rooting against him either. Sigh, I didn't love it and I really was expecting to. But the music and the dancing was too choppy for me (even if the judges thought it wasn't) to really love the movement through it. But Kathryn is a gorgeous dancer and I can't wait to see her in the tour this fall. (Fingers crossed to getting tickets!) Oh, I didn't even notice that it was Kathryn going off to war.

Adechike: I liked Tyce's piece in that I really felt like I could see the music being played through their movement. Balls out dancing. :D

Jose: A lot of people got their genre this week (well not Kent)... Jose got really lucky in getting hip hop especially since he should've gone home last week. I thought that was really interesting music and composition for a hip hop piece but found it enjoyable. Didn't see the story at all in it.

Lauren: Okay, I usually don't bother with the solos, but her solo was OUTSTANDING! I really love her personality. I feel like that was a number in response to Kent and Neil's baseball number, also Broadway. But it was a fun number but I never remember much the Broadway numbers.

Billy: I really love Stacey Tookey and her concepts! And this was an amazing dance and showcased Billy and Ade so perfectly. This really was a perfect dance for Billy and I really liked how the two complemented each other perfectly in movement both in sync and independently.

Jose + Kent: Haha, it was cute. Kent needs to be on Broadway.
Lauren + Adechike: It's surprising to me that Adechike hasn't been in the bottom 3, not because he's terrible but just because he's never felt like the *best* dancer on the show. It was fine to me, *shrug*... The final pairing is not fair, though!
Billy + Robert: They better not get contemporary or jazz... Oh, heehee Bollywood! I'm still feeling gypped of not having gotten Alex and Adechike's Bollywood. It was really exciting to see these two dance together. They're both so technically talented and together they were great together. I'd like to see Billy + Robert make the Top 4 just for the opportunity to see them dance together again.

-- That brings my Top 4 to: Lauren > Kent > Billy > Robert. (Sorry Adechike and Jose!)
-- Loved how they had all the other dancers talk about each other. That was cute! :)
-- Kinda feel like I could do without Mia as a judge. I even like bitchy Tyce better.
-- Overall the solos were better this week than the entire season.
-- I wonder if Kent really has a crush on Lauren...

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Jennifer said...

I think the only one I care about now is Lauren so I hope she's not injured!