Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday Talk Week 24

J: What fictional town would you want to live in?

Jennifer: Of course I have trouble answering my own first thought is Avonlea (from the Anne of Green Gables books). Idyllic and quaint and I so need to visit the real Prince Edward Island someday. But as this is a purely hypothetical question, I'm going to throw out a couple more ridiculous answers too like Hobbiton from LOTR, Hogsmeade from Harry Potter, and Sunnydale from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know, vampires and demons everywhere but I like to imagine myself as one of the Scooby Gang!)

Mira: Hands down, Stars Hollow!!! I know it might be crazy to actually live in but there's sooooo much character to both the town and the townspeople. People who hold every odd job to exist in town, people who stand on street corners singing folksy songs... I love how close-knit the town is, yet completely zany. It's just such a fantastic fictional town! (Stars Hollow is the Gilmore Girls town for those not in the know.)


burkie said...

the first thing i thought of was Stars Hollow, but then i saw jenn's answers of Hobbiton, and then i saw Hogsmeade, and then i thought of the place where the Jetsons live, and then the decision became more difficult. i'm going with Hobbiton, though, with the caveat that it be human-scaled, not hobbit-scaled. good beer, good weather, nice walks.

and mira, i think it was a person (kirk), not people, who held every odd job in Stars Hollow :)

Fanny said...

I really like Jenn's first choice of Avonlea. I think I would also really like to live in either Godric's Hollow or Hogsmeade. Then I thought about it some more and remembered that I always wanted to live in Waterfall City from Dinotopia. I think it'd be super cool to be a skybax rider.

=) said...

let's go to PEI! i love the series and definitely plan to check it out at some point. =)