Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Talk Week 12

J: Back in 2005, I wrote a post on my top 10 TV "ships" (relationships). Now that five(!) years have passed, I think it's time for an update. What are some of your favorite ships, past and present?

Jennifer: My original list was pretty complete at the time, so I'll add some from the last five years:
1. Pam/Jim on The Office- Like I've mentioned before, I'm not really that big a fan of them in the context of the rest of the show but on their own they've just had such a great love story.
2. Veronica/Logan on Veronica Mars - Epic! "I thought our story was epic, you know. You and me. Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. Epic."
3. Jaye/Eric on Wonderfalls - Jaye's one of my favorite TV characters ever and it was torture watching her keep screwing up things with Eric. But it all ended on a good note, so another fanwank happily ever after.
4. Matt/Julie on Friday Night Lights - Kind of the perfect high school romance.
5. Sid/Cassie on Skins - Both crazy and damaged but somehow they just fit.

Some current ones: Casey/Cappie on Greek (I think they bring out the best in eachother), Blair/Chuck on Gossip Girl (though lately they've been very old married couple), Kate/Sawyer on Lost (I'm still on season 5 so I suppose my opinion may change but they're hot together).

Mira: Ooh, fun! I'm a major shipper-- I pretty much will not watch any show without a ship for me to root for. And if it doesn't have one, then the show better be pretty *damn* awesome.
1. Luke/Loralie from Gilmore Girls: Hands down my favorite couple of all time. In fact the show was only really awesome when they were together in my opinion.
2. Pam/Jim from The Office:I've only watched Season 1, parts of Season 2 and the crucial Pam & Jim episodes. They're the only characters I care about and I love everything about them. Even if Pam was psycho when giving birth!
3. Cooper/Charlotte from Private Practice: I love, love, love them. Their personalities are so different but they work so well together. I love how they're so dysfunctionally perfect for each other.
4. Meredith/Derek a.k.a. MerDer from Grey's Anatomy: Basically I hate the show when there's MerDer drama. It's just a better and more interesting show when MerDer are happy and together and the story lines are elsewhere.
5. House/Cuddy from House: I actually stopped watching this show, but I still harbor a wish for the two of them to get together already and be dysfunctional together. I like dysfunctional couples, obviously.

Honorable mentions: Pacey/Joey from Dawson's Creek, Buffy/Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Spike from BtVS, Anya/Xander from BtVS, Lily/Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, Sydney/Vaughn from Alias... This list could go on and on and on! Eek!

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burkie said...

does my commenting on this make me a "shipper?" i agree with luke/lorelie & jaye/eric. if i were to choose 3 other pairs it would be angela & hodgins (NOT bones & booth) on "Bones"; captain picard & doctor crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"; and gilligan & mary ann on "gilligan's island." yeah, i was team mary ann :)