Friday, June 03, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: SYTYCD edition

M: It's that time of the year -- So You Think You Can Dance. The only topic I have consistently blogged about on this blog! :) With 7 seasons worth of dances to choose from, what were your top three favorite SYTYCD routines ever!

Jennifer: Yikes, tough question because there have been so many amazing dances over the years!
1. Katee and Joshua - Hometown Glory (season 4). Probably not the most popular dance from this couple or Mia Michaels but something about it just gets me. I can watch it over and over.
2. Mark and Chelsie - Bleeding Love (season 4). Ah, NappyTabs back when the "lyrical hip hop" was new and fresh.
3. Allison and Robert - Fix You (season 7). I don't even like this Coldplay song and I was not a Robert fan at all, but damn, this was just a really good dance performed extraordinarily well.
Honorable mention - This is from season 1 of the Canadian version: Lisa and Vincent doing House. So good!

1. Katee & Joshua - No Air (season 4). I think that Katee is for whatever reason one of my favorite female dancers, if not my favorite, on the show. This is my personal NappyTabs "lyrical hip hop" favorite.
2. Heidi & Travis - Bench Dance (Season 2). Season 2 was my first season of SYTYCD. Heidi was one of my least favorites throughout the show but this dance really changed my mind and I thought it was fantastic.
3. Billy & Ade - Mad World (season 7). Funny cuz I listed this as my 3rd favorite from that season, but it's a dance that I still think about from time to time.
Honorable mention - SOOOOOO many more, but I especially loved two group numbers, the ignored Seven Nation Army and the much lauded Calle Ocho in season 5.

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burkie said...

i've never seen the show, but i will state that my top three are anybody who KRUMP'ed, having never heard of this kind of dancing before i heard mira talking about it one day. upon researching it, i discovered that KRUMP is one of the coolest acronyms of all time: Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise!
and i'll give an honorable mention to this Seven Nation Army that mira mentioned only because i love the white stripes song by that name :)