Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the voice, now that it's pretty much over!

The Voice was a surprise hit for me. I didn't expect to enjoy it so much, but I have! I loved the blind auditions concept at the very beginning. I loved the coaches' performances. I really loved the coaches interactions and demonstrated abilities while working with their teams. And Blake is really hot. I was excited about some of the teams early on, but in the end there were only 4 singers that stood out for me. And they were not equally split among the four teams.

Vicci: She was the dark horse of this competition for me. Unexpected and a fantastic performer. I also love the depth of her vocals!

Javier: He was an early favorite. Cute, great sound, and soulful. He never hit a bad note really. I thought that Adam was a good coach for him, too, because he really helped Javier to rein it in and focus his vocal talents.

Xenia: I thought it was hilarious that Blake got the two shyest girls ever. Xenia really had a unique voice, as touted by all the coaches. With more confidence, I'm excited to hear more of her in the future.

Dia: Absolutely a sweetheart (though she seems a little bland in personality) and I love that she not only had a unique sound and rhythm to her singing, but she also had a very strong sense and of and confidence in her personal musical style. She was my favorite each week, truthfully, and the one whose song I wanted to purchase.

Things I did not like about The Voice:
- Battle Rounds went TOO long -- 4 weeks!!!
- The recap clips at the beginning of each episode took like 5 minutes.
- The preview clips before each commercial break basically ruined any surprise coming 5 minutes later.
- Christina and Adam's quibbles sometimes went tooooo long.
- The episodes leading to the finale were about the singers on each team competing with each other rather than competing against the other coaches' teams. I think that could have been rethought out where coaches would lose singers on their team if their team wasn't strong enough.

In any case, I was skeptical about the selection of coaches at first, but in the end, I thought it was great! I thought this show was great!

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Jennifer said...

I kept intending to check out this show...but then all of a sudden it was the finale. Oh, well. It's a hit for NBC so next season...