Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: Don't get it

J: Top three pop-culture phenomena that you just can't get into.

1. Oprah, in general. Last episode, whatever.
2. The Simpsons: I've watched some episodes here and there but I just don't get the appeal. I can't believe it's been on for 22 years.
3. e-books: The actual e-readers (Kindle in particular) have grown on me but as someone who reads a lot and currently gets everything free from the library, I can't get on board with having to buy e-books. I'll have to reconsider if and when a better library lending model is implemented.

1. Twitter and all of its spin-offs to include FourSquare. I tried it, really. But it's tiresome following 1391243 celebrities random musings and I know no one cares about my random musings. So seriously, how has it become this major trend? And why the heck are random words chosen to be #hashmarks???
2. Justin Bieber. I seriously can get into anything and everything teenybopper-y. But I really don't understand the craze for him.
3. Survivor: I can't believe the show has been running for that long. Admittedly I only started watching The Amazing Race this season and loved it; but I'm not quite sure I understand the appeal and the long lastability (durability?) of Survivor.


Mira said...

Jen -- on e-Books, I think the appeal is instant gratification. You're browsing the internet and come across a really interesting book you want to read NOW. (Yes, some people are that impatient.) Lo and behold, you can purchase and read it NOW!

I personally don't get the color e-Readers. At that point you might as well get a much better tablet or just use your laptop/computer to read.

Jennifer said...

I'm not very susceptible to instant takes me months to decide to buy something!

I watched the first few seasons of Survivor when it was new and people didn't really know what was going on and liked it a lot but after awhile it just got old.

burkie said...

man, i have to narrow it down to 3? i love all 6 of your answers.

1) reality TV. for me, tv is for escape, entertainment, and education. i don't need to see ordinary people so desperate to be on TV that they don't mind humiliating themselves and others. can i throw trashy talk shows like maury povitch into this category as well? and shows like divorce court?
2) 3-D. does nothing for me. i don't get it, i don't like it, and i don't want it. not at the movies, not at home.
3) chick-fil-a. or is it chic-fil-a? or chik-fil-a? i'm not even sure.