Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Top Threes: U2!

J: Mira and I went to the U2 360° Tour last night in Baltimore! It was a great show and it got me thinking, what are your top three all-time favorite U2 songs?

1. Ultraviolet - So happy they played this last night!
2. With or Without You -Yeah, there's a reason it's so popular.
3. Where the Streets Have No Name - I really love the instrumental intro.

1. City of Blinding Lights
2. Pride
3. One

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burkie said...

1) Where the Streets Have No Name - it really is one of the great intros
2) Angel of Harlem - love the horns in this. plus, i play it on the guitar sometimes ;)
3) When Love Comes to Town - with BB King. the guys are obviously having fun on this one!