Thursday, August 12, 2010

SYTYCD: my favorite 5

Just one last post for the season... My favorite 5 dances of the season.

5. Lauren & Robert in the finale with the pillow (Dee Caspary)
4. Alex & Allison in "Hallelujah" (Sonya)
3. Billy & Ade in "Mad World" (Stacey Tookey)
2. Alex & Twitch hiphop number (NappyTabs)
1. Robert & Allison in "Fix You" (Travis)

Honorable mention: Adechike & Comfort in "Fallin'" (NappyTabs)

Yay for the Season 7 winner!

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Jennifer said...

This wasn't one of my favorite routines of the season but rewatching the baseball Broadway routine with Kent and Neil I just noticed that Neil has on number 3 for season 3 and Kent has on number 7 for season 7! Cute!

I agree with most of your choices, I also really like Ashley and Ade from really early in the season. Hopefully we'll see this and the other non-Alex ones on the tour!

Jennifer said...

Haha I didn't really blog at all on this season so I'm getting all my thoughts out now apparently...

I too really really love Robert/Allison "Fix You" and my favorite part is actually the fast synchronized middle section. Sometimes I feel like the routines have too much "choreography" and not enough like actual dancing, but this piece had a really great balance between hard, actual dancing and the emotional content. And I don't even really like Robert or Coldplay!