Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jennifer's season mega-wrap-up: Guilty Pleasures

The Paper: Yet another MTV reality show that I've gotten hooked on. This one is kind of refreshingly different though because it's centered around kids that actually care about something school-related. Now, I wrote for my high school newspaper (this was back when I thought I was going to become a journalist) but my experience was pretty different. For one, our paper was very much an extra-curricular activity and not a class, so we had an advisor and not a teacher, and our issues were definitely not 30 pages long, although at one point we did come out with an issue every week. I was a lowly reporter (generally relegated to covering all manner of student government meetings) and never rose above that so I can't say if we really had any drama among the editors, but I'm pretty sure we never had an Amanda or an Adam on staff. Although you know, those two are my favorites on the show. Giana and Trevor, and especially Alex, are kind of heinous. I can see why people might find some of Amanda's quirks irritating but I can't believe how nasty they are to her. Although, maybe this is too many MTV shows in my system, but I much prefer Giana and Trevor being up front with their hate as opposed to Alex trying to play both sides. I'm sad that we only got 8 episodes, but I hope we keep getting some updates on the kids (Amanda's going to be at NYU) and I believe there is going to be a second season at a different school. All this season's episodes are available to watch on though, so go check it out!

Wildfire: I guess in a way I'm glad they they designated this as the last season of the show and didn't have it just fade into nothingness with a cliffhanger or something annoying like that. And I guess having Wildfire run and win his last race and Pablo and Jean finally get together and Kris and Junior get married were all nice things to have at the end of the series but honestly, this season was just filled with some pretty terrible writing. I mean, Kris comes back to Raintree for Wildfire, but then after she and Junior get back together, she briefly starts working for Davis, and then decides to follow Junior to Alaska for a year? Then Wildfire randomly escapes from his stall and the minute Kris decides to give up he comes galloping back? And really, Dani and Matt totally got shafted this year. I loved seeing the new, nicer Dani but I'm still kind of depressed that they killed off RJ. And honestly I'm still confused over the state of the farms. Dani's back in racing but boarding her horses at Raintree, Kris is now a Davis but she has loyalties to Raintree, Junior still owns Davis but has his energy projects in Alaska...and um, why do I care?

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