Thursday, June 05, 2008

Top Chef: The One Who Just Won't GO AWAY

After season 2's finale of Ilan vs. Marcel I was almost ready to throw in the towel with Top Chef. Ilan's disgusting behavior might have made a lot of people root for Marcel instead but I couldn't stand Marcel either and it was just a really unenjoyable season altogether. But I stuck with the show, and season 3 was really nicely professional and the right person won (in my opinion anyway).

And so we come to season 4. If Lisa wins, the show will lose every bit of credibility it gained back last season.

I don't CARE what food gets cooked next week, I don't care that they don't take past performance into account, they CANNOT crown someone who's been in the bottom for 6 out of the last 7 elimination challenges (7 out of 7 if you count that she was on the losing team for the wedding challenge). Not when Richard and Stephanie have been so strong all the way through (not to mention their better attitudes, leadership skills, and general culinary execution). Just...NO. And I don't know, maybe this is a false sense of optimism, but I don't think the judges would stand for that kind of outcome. Richard and Steph both have to have disasters happen and with the traditional "cook the best meal of your life" challenge with no gimmicks I don't think that's all that likely.

Anyway, as for this week's much I hate that Lisa's going to be on my TV for yet another week, I can't say I'm that upset that Antonia was eliminated. She's performed well and put out some good food, but I don't think I ever found any of her dishes to be all that interesting or exciting. I'd really much have preferred Dale in the final three over either of them.

Speaking of Dale, how Stephanie dealt with his could-have-been-crucial error just really highlighted how cool-headed and professional she is. Can you imagine the fit that Dale himself or Lisa would have thrown if their sous chef did that to them? Steph collaborated with the sous chef that she trusted, came up with a replacement that nearly got her the win, and didn't make excuses. I'd really be ok with either Richard or Steph winning, but I'm definitely rooting for Stephanie. Stephanie for first female Top Chef!! Or at least fan favorite?

I do have to give Richard some props for the really funny quip he made at the end about Lisa winning a bronze medal. Week after week she's been on the brink of elimination only to be saved every time by someone who did a slightly worse job than she did. I fail to see how that's something deserving of congratulations.

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