Monday, June 02, 2008

Jennifer's season mega-wrap-up: Banished from the DVR

The Hills: Not so long ago, I stated that I loved the Hills. But when the second part of this season rolled around I found myself just not being able to take it anymore. I think it's because Lauren and Heidi and Audrina now get as much, if not more, celebrity coverage than actual actors and in turn, the show has just become almost unnecessary. I mean, to an extent the show has always been fake, but in the past I've been able to kind of enjoy the storytelling. But now with their constant presence in the news and the show being a couple of months me it all seems even more fake. So I decided to stop watching. And you know, I am definitely not missing watching Heidi and Spencer's totally ridiculous drama.

American Idol: Not completely banished as I did watch it every so often, but this season just really cemented why I don't like the show anymore. David Cook, while a better singer and performer than most of the population, just wasn't interesting to me at all. He proved to be good at rearranging songs into his style, but with his own music that novelty's not going to be there. I have no doubt that he'll sell a ton of albums but I think I'm done with the show, at least until they stop with all the dated themes and/or make the contestant sing their own original songs. Yeah, it's not likely.

Hell's Kitchen: Strangely enough, I didn't give up this show because I'd had enough of Gordon Ramsay. I actually still find him really amusing. The reason I gave it up was the shameless, terrible casting that the show does. It's just all so...FOX, if you know what I mean. I'm ok over here with Top Chef, thanks.

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