Friday, May 30, 2008

Jennifer's season mega-wrap-up: Questionable

The Office: I was really starting to almost dislike this show this season, which was sad considering that a year or two ago I would have named it as my favorite sitcom. I don't know, sometime over the season I just started to be really not amused by it anymore. Michael's just been getting harder and harder to tolerate. I know he's always been cringe-inducing, but I mean, getting obsessed with a chair model? Really? And I did kind of like that Jan spiraled into craziness but I think they took that too far too. The dinner party episode was almost unbearable for me.

And while I'm glad that Pam and Jim are together, I've been kind of perplexed by the storylines they were getting near the end there. I mean, I guess the episode where they lock everyone out of the building and in the parking lot was meant to kind of say, hey, they do stupid things too, but it just wasn't entertaining to me. And having people make fun of Pam for an entire episode because of her glasses? Having Ryan give Jim a warning about his performance and then having to watch Jim desperately try to win a client on a golf trip?

And speaking of Ryan, how awkward was it to see him being basically a cokehead in the episode where Michael and Dwight go to New York? And then get arrested for fraud?

I do have to admit that the finale did kind of make up for things though. Amy Ryan was a nice addition as the new HR rep (though I am going to miss Toby) and the running gag with her thinking that Kevin's slow was kind of genius. I'm hoping this means things will get back on the right track next season.

Brothers & Sisters: I've pretty much known all along that they weren't going to let the relationship between Justin and Rebecca just stay uncomplicated. I did think that it was totally awkward having them pretty much be brother and sister one day and then jump suddenly to kissing the next, but I think I'm less bothered by all that than them bringing up the possibility of another illegitimate Walker out there. Do we really have to go through this again?

And I'm not such a fan of the new development with Ojai and Holly being the new CEO. Poor Sarah just can't catch a break...after all the terrible divorce stuff and all, now she has to deal with this?

There are still good things though. For one, I'm really glad that Kevin and Scotty had their commitment ceremony too. They're so cute and perfect together and it made for a nice spot of happiness amidst all the other angst. And I'm kind of glad they've sort of pushed Tommy and Julia's problems to the side a bit (sadly I think they're just better as background characters). I'm a bit relieved that they kind of quickly moved to Robert losing the nomination because I didn't find him to be that believable as a candidate anyway and I was tired of all the campaign stuff. The fertility stuff with him and Kitty is a little boring too but at least their story ended on a happy note for the season too.

Reaper: FINALLY Andi and Sam get together and he tells her the truth. It took way too long to get to this point, I think, which is kind of still the problem with the show...its pacing. The post-strike episodes were really big improvement though, especially with the addition of Steve and Tony (the always awesome Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino) and with the suspicion that Sam's not even human. And Sock continued to crack me up every time. I'm glad it's coming back for a second season and I hope it continues on this upward path.

Bones: I've always had trouble keeping up with this show because Fox seems to love switching its timeslot back and forth and putting it on hiatus and bringing it back, etc. But because it's on Hulu I've actually watched this entire season and I was really enjoying it. I liked the addition of John Francis Daley as Sweets, the psychologist, and I liked the ongoing Gormogon mystery too...that is, until they decided to reveal Zack as the apprentice killer. Our Zack! I don't know, I guess they tried to explain how Zack could have justified the murders to himself but I don't really buy it. I'm kind of sad thinking about what the show's going to be like without him. The Zack-Hodgins dynamic was one of my favorite things. Who's going to do the experiments with Hodgins now??

Oh, and the fake-out with Booth's funeral was just terrible.

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