Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jennifer's season mega-wrap-up: Still going strong

30 Rock: For no reason in particular I didn't watch the first season of this show. I watched the pilot and somehow it just didn't hook me. But with the growing critical acclaim and the Emmy and all I decided to give it a second try and now it's overtaken the Office as my favorite NBC sitcom. I think what I love about the show as compared to the Office is that basically all the characters are kooky and there's no Pam and Jim to make the Michaels and Dwights look even more ridiculous. Like Liz is generally smart and funny but can be alternately the voice of reason and the total loser-basketcase. And there's kind of the same thing with Pete and Jack too. And the writing is just so totally sharp--the MILF island episode was so hilariously brilliant and I loved sandwich day. Liz and her food cracks me up.

Ugly Betty: You know, it's kind of a shame how annoying Henry's become over this season. I thought he was so awesomely cute and dorky when he first appeared but now I just want him to be gone for good. The whole thing with Charlie and the baby was just a trainwreck and it was a little hard to watch Betty get stuck in all of it. That said, I find it just a little implausible how Betty ALWAYS has a love interest. I mean, I know she's smart and spunky and all that but Henry came into the picture before Walter was gone and Gio was around before Henry was done. Although I guess Henry's not completely gone yet...I HATE the whole "who will she choose" cliffhanger but obviously Betty's not going to be moving to Tucson (or if she does it won't last). Besides that though, this show has continued to be really good this season, with fun guest spots by Christian Siriano and Gene Simmons and yes, Lindsay Lohan, and Eddie Cibrian showing up as Hilda's new love interest, and even Daniel finding out that he has a French son! I do wish there was a little more Mark and Amanda and more Justin, and I'm not sure why Alexis is suddenly taking Wilhemina's side over Daniel's, but overall the show is still a ton of fun.

How I Met Your Mother: As much as I was underwhelmed at Britney's guest spots, I was so super glad that it happened because suddenly the show's visibility went up and now we're going to be getting a third season! Yay! A lot of really fun things happened this season, what with Robin and Barney finally hooking up and Ted and Barney having a bit of a rift over it. The finale was such cheesy fun with their reconciliation. I'm also glad that they've found story for Lily and Marshall without creating more relationship drama for them, which is what TV shows tend to do to couples who are happy. And of course, have we finally met the mother? Who knows, I guess, but I like Sarah Chalke so much that I think I might be a little miffed if that doesn't end up the case. I'm not sure how Stella already having a daughter meshes with the story that Future Ted is telling his two teenage kids, but I guess we'll just have to see.

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