Monday, June 30, 2008


The Bachelorette - I'm not really sure why I'm watching this season since I didn't watch the season where DeAnna got rejected by Brad--I haven't watched either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette in years. Both shows have a pretty terrible track record--I think there have been only 2 successful relationships out of what, 15 seasons? (And how is it even possible that there have been 12 seasons of the Bachelor and 3 seasons of the Bachelorette in only 6 years??) Things haven't really changed much though...Chris Harrison continues to be the most useless reality TV host ever, the suitors somehow all convince themselves that they're falling in love with the bachelor/ette, a lot of nice ones go home early, and the rose ceremonies are still stupid.

I guess DeAnna's story was perfect to have her be the next Bachelorette but I wondered why she's in such a hurry to get married--she's 26, only a year older than me. But then this week she tells Jason that she wants to have 3 kids before she's 30 (was I the only one reminded of Gilmore Girls and Jackson's "4 in 4" plan?). Ummm yeah in that case I see why she's in a hurry. Why that's what she wants is another question...

The rundown:

Jeremy - Was a frontrunner early on but I think he's a little too confident in DeAnna's feelings for him. DeAnna thinks he's "perfect" but I think his manner is a bit odd, kind of robotic...I'm not really a fan.

Jason - He seems like the most mature out of all of the guys and he and DeAnna seem very comfortable together. She seems very ok with becoming a stepmom, and if she includes Ty in her count of 3 kids before 30 then she'll only have to have 2 more in the next 4 years!

Jesse - He's fun and different and I thought his parents were the coolest out of them all but I'm not so sure about their chemistry. He doesn't seem like he would want to get married right away either. Next Bachelor anyone?

Graham - I was only mildly surprised that he got kicked off this week. What I was surprised about was that DeAnna pretty much admitted that he was the one she was in love with. The other guys are going to feel a little second-best after seeing that, no? I don't think he did anything wrong particularly...but he obviously didn't know what he was getting himself into being on the show. I do wonder if things would have gone better if they had met outside of the show. DeAnna was obviously ridiculously hot for him and if he was the only guy I think Graham would have been a lot more into it. But then again, DeAnna's in a hurry. And he doesn't seem like he'd be ready to get married that soon, show or no show. Here's an interview he did with New York magazine...if any of you care.

A lot of the nice guys -- Fred, Richard -- were sent home early because DeAnna just wasn't attracted to them. I can't really blame her, with the short timeline if you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it, but I think they're more the type of guys that grow on a girl over time. I do think DeAnna could have kept them around for longer though...because, really, why did Twilley stick around so long? He wasn't even amusing enough to be a producer pick.

So who is DeAnna going to pick? Because of what happened with Brad, I doubt she'd pull a Kelly Taylor. But she's been saying all along that she's looking for a husband, a proposal, and not just a relationship. Out of the three guys left, I feel like Jeremy would definitely want to get married right away, Jesse probably not, and Jason? Wouldn't he want more time to ease DeAnna into his son's life? I don't know, a Trista-Ryan-type success story doesn't seem likely...

Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods - First question: why is Haylie Duff, of all people, the host and mentor of this show? Apparently she was in Hairspray on Broadway for a little while but that puts her maybe one step ahead of these girls. I mean, what else has she even been in? I guess she was just...available?

I haven't seen the musical, either on Broadway or on TV, and after watching the show I think I've heard enough of the numbers that I'm not in a rush to see it. But I find the process kind of interesting because these girls really do have to be talented: they're going to have to be singing and dancing and acting live every night. The range of girls is interesting--some are barely out of high school while the oldest is 28. They're from all over the country, with some of them having to kick their regional accents. They all think they're kind of Elle Woods-ish, which means that they're generally pink and perky, but it's interesting because I wouldn't consider either Reese Witherspoon or Laura Bell Bundy (the actress who originated the role in the musical, from what I've seen of her anyway) as their normal selves to be very Elle Woods-ish. The show has just started but I don't think we've seen that girl who transforms while performing yet. Because this is reality TV though, there's already some drama.

The other day someone remarked that I must be a reality TV junkie. That's probably an accurate statement, but I think I'm definitely more into the competitive reality rather than candid reality. I like shows that require talent and skill, as opposed to just celebrity. Somehow that doesn't include America's Got Talent though...

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