Friday, June 06, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: the Top 20

Yay for So You Think You Can Dance being back!

Unlike on Idol, I really do enjoy the audition episodes of this show. There are the trainwrecks here too, but there are also people that are super talented and/or entertaining but just aren't right for the show. And since dancing is something you can really work at, there are those people that have potential but aren't ready yet.

That said, I'm not really one of those people who actually remembers who's who from the auditions...I didn't really have any favorites at all going into Vegas week and when they announced the top 20 there were really only a handful that I remembered at all. I remembered Twitch, of course, because he was being majorly pimped, and I think I liked Joshua Allen and Comfort, the hip-hop dancers, and I was pretty surprised that Susie, the high school teacher, made it through. I can't yet tell the contemporary dancers apart yet....there are a ton of them this year. I know because the show is partner-based but has a solo winner the contemporary dancers tend to be the most prepared for that but I wish there maybe a little more variety.

I was kind of turned off by the manufactured drama at the end with the two roommates/best friends, Katee and Natalie. Katee probably shouldn't have said anything but the way the judges pounced on her was just preposterous. She wasn't saying that she was going to give up dance altogether--So You Think You Can Dance is not the be-all and end-all of dance. And having a re-vote was just bizarre but it's not like they were deciding between the two of them for the top 20, they just saved them for last for the drama factor. And now the judges have kind of stuck this "doesn't have enough heart" label on her and I think that's super unfair. Hopefully this doesn't get her a premature exit.

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Christopher Robin said...

I agree there is so much talent we see in the auditions but it just doesn't happen to be right for the show, but entertaining nonetheless!

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