Monday, June 02, 2008

What I'll be watching this summer

So You Think You Can Dance: The obsession is back!

The Next Food Network Star: I wish Amy from last season had been more successful, but the show is still a lot of fun. I find it kind of funny that next week's episode has the disgraced Robert Irvine in it. Guess it was filmed before he was fired. Oh, but Dinner: Impossible is coming back with Michael Symon eventually!

Instant Star (The N): Final season! I think I'm on Team Tommy, even though I still find it maybe a little squicky that they first met when she was 15 and he was already married and divorced...

Mad Men: My favorite from last summer. I don't remember what happened though...

My Boys: Who did PJ pick to go to Italy with??

Shear Genius: Was I the only person who liked this show?

Project Runway: I guess it's coming back in July already?

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Don King said...

Ok What is "Instant Star" Is it a reality show. I try and check out most of the reality show for at least a couple episodes before I decide they are garbage. Living Lohan is stupid, Denise Richards "Complicated" is stupid, Flipping Out love it, he is so over the top. There a million new shows coming next season. They are giving reality a show to anybody everybody.
Check out how crazy Hollywood is. I work with Motorola, right. They set up a web site for Danica Patrick. She’s the race car driver that just became the first woman to win in the Indy car race series.
There is a Talk Show Spoof Video on the site. It’s pretty funny. The reason why I’m telling you this is that she might be getting a real talk show. How crazy is that; getting a real show off a spoof show? Only in America!