Thursday, July 26, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance: in which Jennifer is now tired of Wade Robson

I can kind of understand why they wanted to have all the dancers perform the same solo. We're no longer considering them as couples, and this makes it easier to compare them. The only problem is how BORING it was to watch the same piece 10 times in 90 minutes. And man did I really dislike that choreography. Starting with the fact that I can't stand that song (or John Mayer in general), all the acting out of the words was just stupidly cheesy and while I'm not exactly an Iraq war supporter the blatant anti-war message made me a little uncomfortable. After the first couple of dancers I just couldn't watch it anymore. Are they going to be doing this every week? UGH.

Moving onto the newly reshuffled couples...

Lauren and Pasha - I actually thought this was quite enjoyable, which surprised me because last week I wanted Lauren to go home. And my Pasha love still continues.

Sabra and Kameron - I really liked this too, but probably more because of Sabra. Sorry, Kam, but you're still the weakest guy here by far.

Lacey and Danny - I have to admit this was pretty hot, but I feel like I've been watching Lacey be sexy for weeks now and I'd like to see something else.

Jaimie and Dominic - I was kind of annoyed by Nigel's harsh comments because I think this was really a choreography problem. It was supposed to be a waltz but the costumes and everything just said something else. Dominic really does need to stop all his mugging for the camera though.

Sara and Neil - I thought this was really a lot of fun. I love Sara, I think she's up there with Sabra in terms of my favorites overall.

So admittedly I didn't watch all the solos, but based on the partner dances, I'd say that Kameron and Jaimie are going home?

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