Thursday, July 19, 2007

2007 Emmy nominations - surprisingly not horrible!

Sooo...every year I claim to not care about the Emmys but every year I pay attention to them anyway. This year, though, they changed the whole nomination process in hopes of fixing the problem of having all the same shows nominated every year and color me surprised but it kind of worked!

The awesome:
  • Jenna Fischer for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series!!!
  • Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series - Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon, Neil Patrick Harris, Rainn Wilson?! This is so the dream category!!!

The good:
  • Nods for Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths on Brothers & Sisters.
  • Writing and directing nods for Battlestar Galactica (and some other technical ones). Nothing in acting, but we'll take whatever we can get.
  • Top Chef and Project Runway face off in the Reality Competition category!
  • Tons of nods for Jane Eyre, which I totally fell in love with earlier this year.
  • Haha, Mia Michaels and Wade Robson both got nominations for Best Choreography on So You Think You Can Dance!
  • A bunch of nice Ugly Betty nominations. I wasn't really surprised by this though, the show is pretty Emmy-friendly.
  • Everything Comes Down to Poo and Guy Love from the Scrubs muscial both nominated for Original Music and Lyrics

The bad:
  • Grey's Anatomy for Drama Series, really? Even people I know who love the show agree that this season was pretty bad.
  • At least Friday Night Lights got a directing nomination, but that's all. Sigh.

The weird:
  • What is up with all the love for Boston Legal? I honestly didn't even know it was still on and people were actually watching it. And I mean really, Boston Legal over Friday Night Lights???
  • Studio 60 got a few nominations as well. I mean, truthfully I did like the pilot but uh, talk about a show that lost steam.
  • Ugly Betty for Outstanding Main Title Design. Um, if I'm not mistaken, don't they not have main titles? They just follow up an unattractive shot of Betty with a yellow screen and UGLY BETTY in huge caps. I mean, yes, it's extremely effective, but didn't seem like it was really a lot of work...

1 comment:

vance said...

I actually watch Boston Legal and really enjoy it but it STILL doesnt deserve all the Emmy love. WTF??? over FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?

that alone makes me mad.

But YEY> NPH!!!

But good. Im not the only one thinking that Greys doesnt deserve it. Season 2 YES FOR SURE. 3 no.

Though I dont feel House does either this year. Its really starting to bore me and only the last ep was slightly interesting.