Friday, July 13, 2007

Bored by Top Chef

Is it still too early in the competition? Because I've sort of been not as interested in Top Chef this season so far. There's no one that's really sticking out for me yet in terms of good or bad which makes reality TV show watching to be somewhat dull. I mean, this week Camille was eliminated, which basically meant nothing to me because they've hardly shown her at all in previous episodes.

I guess I was also not a big fan of the elimination challenge. I find trios to be annoying, and of course it didn't help that most of the courses didn't seem all that appetizing. The shrimp course was the only exception and thankfully that won. I can't believe Hung did a foam though...he must have watched last season since he seems to be friends with Marcel, but evidently he just doesn't care.

The whole dessert thing was really a disaster waiting to happen. I don't remember when a dessert has ever been that successful on the show before...especially when they attempt to bake. I kind of understand Dale's logic that he wanted to take a chance and stand out, but I knew the judges were going to point out that no one said dessert was required. Although I do wonder if the judges would have called the group out for not doing a dessert had a non-dessert 4th course been similarly disappointing.

And I don't understand what the deal with Casey was. I don't remember the immunity thing ever being a problem before but for some reason they were just harping on it to no end this episode.

Ooh, but Anthony Bourdain is guest-blogging for Tom Colicchio on Bravotv!! Yeah, obviously I have a thing for Anthony Bourdain...

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