Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My So-Called Life on DVD!

I don't know how I missed this news last week, but it's incredible: My So-Called Life is being released on DVD this fall! It's being released by Shout! Factory, who did the awesome Freaks and Geeks set, and it looks like it'll be chock full of extras and have great packaging. (Okay, yes, I'm shallow and I find the packaging of DVD box sets to be important.)

I'm so beyond thrilled! I'd almost given up hope of a re-release but then when I was in London this May, I saw a poster advertising the re-release of the series over there, and I couldn't believe that they'd be doing a Region 2 release and not one here in the States. So I did a little digging, discovered some rumors that a set was coming in the US, and now it's been confirmed!

October 30, mark your calendars!

Check out my review of the series from awhile back here.

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