Friday, July 27, 2007

Go watch Damages

Wow, what is up with all the great summer shows this year? This week I watched the premiere of Damages on FX, and I'm totally hooked. Originally I thought that this was just going to be another legal drama, but it's actually a kind of mystery/thriller that's really exciting.

The big story attached with this series of course, was Glenn Close. I've never watched the Shield so I haven't really been familiar with her recent work (in fact I don't think I've watched her in anything since those Sarah Plain and Tall TV movies from the 90s) but she really is awesome in this role. She plays Patty Hewes, a high powered, somewhat morally ambiguous lawyer trying a class-action suit against a billionaire named Frobisher. She hires a recent law school graduate, Ellen, to be her new protege, but obviously something else is going on there...the beginning of the episode reveals that 6 months later a bloodied and half-dressed Ellen is running through the streets. The show employs a flashback method of storytelling, with scenes from the "present" interspersed between scenes telling the story from the beginning. Normally I'd be a little nervous about this kind of series, because I've gotten burned by similar things in the past (i.e. Reunion and the Nine) but it's more of a mini-series (well, a long mini-series...13 episodes) and it's on cable so I don't think we really have to worry about that.

With this, Mad Men, Kyle XY, Greek, the 4400, and my reality shows, there really isn't a lack of TV to watch this summer at all. I haven't even gotten a chance to catch up on Doctor Who like I've been intending...

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