Friday, July 20, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - And We Have Our Top 10

I'm sort of planning to go see the tour this year so determining the Top 10 was of special interest to me. My ideal situation would have been to get rid of Kameron and Lauren because I thought they were the least interesting but things didn't really work out that way...

I wasn't too surprised by the bottom 3. Lacey's obviously got a huge fanbase and Kam was really just damn lucky to get paired with her. I still have no idea what he's really like as a dancer so I'm glad the partners are getting switched up next week. Dominic and Sabra have been the most consistently entertaining, and I think people love both Pasha and Sara. So that left Anya and Danny, Lauren and Neil, and Jaimie and Hok in the bottom 3.

With those choices...I have to say that Hok was really the only choice. I would have much preferred to see him on the tour because he's really a crowd pleaser, but he's had it rough these past couple of weeks. I know some people would argue that Neil hasn't been that successful either but the truth is that he's been the stronger of his partnership while Hok's been the one struggling. Yeah, it's all pretty sucky.

As for the girls...I wanted Lauren to go home. I mean, it's probably true that since this is ultimately a solo competition that Anya probably wouldn't have made it that far, but I don't see how Lauren's proved that she could either. I don't know. Again, maybe we'll see something different from her with another partner?

I don't know, these elimination schemes are always so frustrating. It's hard to predict how America will react, and then the judges seem to flip back and forth between considering only the "dance for your life" solos and the dancers' history of performances.

Anyway, that's that. We've really had a minimum of partner changes so far so it'll be really interesting to see how everyone does when it all gets mixed. Definitely looking forward to next week.

Edited to add: According to Mary Murphy, Anya and Hok will probably be "alternates" on the tour and will likely make appearances. So there's hope if you really want to see Hok in that crazy hummingbird-flower routine!

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Mira said...


It was time for Anya to go. Cuz that was like 3 weeks in a row of TERRIBLE solo routines / TERRIBLE outfits.