Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rock Star Supernova and Laguna's own rock band

I'm really starting to love this Rock Star Supernova. The rockers being all leather and tattoos and piercings still kind of makes me laugh but the music on this show is so good, and I love rock concerts, so watching all the performances is super super fun.

I haven't been watching from the very beginning so I can't really speak for who's been the best throughout, but I'm really loving Ryan. Last week he did In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins) and it was just AWESOME. And this week he did one of his own songs and I kind of loved it. I almost want to download it! (Performance songs are $0.99 at I also like Magni although he's been in the bottom three a couple of times. Lukas I'm not so sure about. Supernova seems to like him, but he's a little weird for my taste. He did pretty well this week with the Killers song though. Toby isn't memorable to me for some reason, though he got to perform with Supernova this week so obviously the band likes him too.

As for the girls, Dilana was a favorite for awhile, but her ego is coming out and it's not pretty. I can't believe she had the audacity to chant her own name during a song. Storm has also been good but I don't know, I'm still skeptical of whether a woman can front a band like this.

Oh, and a random thought, but Chris Daughtry from this season of American Idol? Should have been on this show. He would have sounded so much better with a real band backing him up.

On a similar subject, this week's Laguna Beach featured a longer performance by Chase and Kelan's band Open Air Stereo, and you know, I kind of liked them. (I'm a lot less picky when it comes to music from TV though...obviously, since I still watch AI.) They were tons better than the previous musical aspirers that have been on the show (Christina, Alex M, Talan). Chase seems very serious about his music so out of curiosity I looked them up, and found their myspace. (They also have a website but it appears to be down. Listen to more tracks at purevolume.) And you know, they are pretty serious. They've done some big gigs, are recording their second album, and even have their songs for sale on iTunes. And being on Laguna Beach should give them a lot more visibility.

Anyway, Chase and Tessa are so cute but I doubt they're going to end up together. Chase seems like a good guy so hopefully we won't see him hooking up with any of the mean girls. Although band guys are hot (it was totally my high school fantasy to date a guy in a band) so it could happen...

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