Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project Runway!!!

Project Runway - It's kind of still too early to have a favorite, but I really do feel that the overall caliber of the designs this season is a lot higher than last season. Last season I just remember tons and tons of sleeveless dresses being designed. This season, there's lots of pants and jackets and just more difficult stuff in general. Plus it seems like they're getting more time for the challenges, which is good because we're not seeing as many rushed/unfinished pieces on the runway. Not to mention that the challenges have just been AWESOME! I'm not that into pageants but I loved the Miss USA challenge because the winning dress was worn for Miss Universe with very few modifications just a couple of days after the episode aired. The dog challenge was worth it just to see Tim Gunn appearing over that knoll in Central Park with all the adorable doggies.

And this week's fashion icon challenge was so much fun because most of the models/designers/icons were so well matched up. Well, maybe I do have a favorite after this week. Michael Knight! He's sort of been in the background up until now and every week I'd been a little surprised/disappointed that he hadn't been in the top three. But then suddenly he's all over this weekís episode and at first I was a little worried that the reason he was getting so much airtime was because he was going to be kicked off. But I mean, come on, Michael+Nazri+Pam Grier, how could he lose?? I just LOVE that he had the smarts and skills and level-headedness to rework his design halfway through and still come back to win. Plus his construction is always impeccable, and he seems like a really sweet and funny guy. ("Captain Save-a-ho"?!?) Gooo Michael!

On my good side also are Kayne, Alison, Laura, Uli, and Robert (though he really needs to step it up). Angela I still find kind of annoying but she's kind of impressed the past two weeks, so who knows. Vincent is hanging on by the skin of his teeth. And Jeffrey? With all his talk I still haven't been impressed by anything he's done so far.

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Mira said...

Angela is the Kara of Season 3, seriously. Unimpressive in the beginning and utterly annoying as a person. And then when it counts manages to step it up majorly. We'll see.

Michael Knight has long been Russ and my favorite. From episode -1 I was excited to see what he'd bring to the show (when Chloe was fighting for him). :-)