Friday, August 18, 2006

Project Runway - Episode 6!

I'm pretty shocked that Alison got kicked off this week instead of Vincent. I mean, yeah, Heidi says it every week, "one day you're in and the next you're out," but Vincent has been slipping by for way too many weeks. I'm not saying that Alison's dress was all that great, but I thought it showed a heck of a lot more innovation that Vincent's crazy tacked on "art" that the model couldn't even walk in. Honestly, I thought that Kayne, Angela, Alison, and Vincent had equally crappy outfits and I thought that Kayne and Alison would have been pardoned for their strong past performances. That theory worked for Kayne, but sigh, poor Alison. She did an exit interview with EW and she sounds pretty pissed, and she knocks a couple of the other designers as well, which is surprising because she was always very polite on the show.

Happy that Michael won because he is so ridiculously awesome in so many ways but oddly enough I kind of thought Jeffrey should have won instead. I can't really stand him in general but dammit if his dress was amazing. The colors were kind of out there so no, it's not as wearable in terms of look as Michael's, but I'll bet it was more wearable in terms of fit and comfort, and it was just...stunning! Haha, I'm starting to talk like Tim Gunn. But maybe it's better that he didn't win, because his ego probably would have gotten even bigger than it already is.

As for Laura...she's getting kind of tiresome, in both design and personality. Her dress was cute, and the whole "for nuts only" thing added a little interest, but honestly I'm getting bored. And she really needs to keep her mouth shut, even if what she says is valid.

A plug for Blogging Project Runway, an amazingly comprehensive blog. And you must go watch the bonus video clips on I especially like the clips of everyone back in the apartments reflecting on the challenges because it's just a more relaxed enviroment. We also get to see things like Jeffrey and Laura actually kind of getting along, and more of Kayne and Robert's antics. Plus there are more clips of the designers working (which I feel must be chosen to air based on who ends up winning and losing that particular challenge).

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