Thursday, August 17, 2006

Laguna Beach Season 3

So the guiltiest of all guily pleasures is back! Since LC, Kristin, and the gang have all moved on, there's an all new cast. The narrator is Tessa, who seems like a nice girl in general, but who, for some reason, isn't part of the popular girl clique. And wow, those girls are seriously mean. The leaders of the pack are Kyndra and Cami, who had no problem making Tessa and her friend Rocky feel completely unwelcome at a barbeque that Tessa was actually invited to. I think that Kyndra is home-schooled, which strikes me as odd because when you're in high school doesn't a lot of the drama school? Well, apparently not in Laguna Beach.

The new guys are Chase, Kelan, and Cameron. Chase and Kelan are in a rock band, which is kind of hot, but is it just me or do they look way too old to be in high school? Maybe it's the facial hair or something, but especially Chase looks like he could be my age or older (I'm 22). Anyway, Cameron, the last guy, just looks like a dumb jock. He's definitely a jock, and judging by the fact that he's dating Jessica, the dumbest girl on the planet, there's a good chance he's got the dumb part down too.

So yeah, Jessica's back and being just as pathetic and wet-blanket-y as ever. Alex H., Alex M., and Taylor make appearances as well, and you know, they actually do seem older. The rumors I heard were confirmed: Alex H. and Alex M. are friends, and Alex H couldn't take living with Kristin and doesn't talk to her anymore. I also love how Jason was bashed by pretty much everyone on the show.

On a side note, Jessica kept using the phrase "butt hurt" as in "Kyndra was butt hurt that Cameron is hanging out with me." I had never heard of this before in my life, but someone on a message board linked to the definition from urbandictionary. Just in case you guys had never heard of it either.

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