Thursday, August 05, 2010

T^2: Commercials!

M: Maybe it's because I just finished up a Marketing class, but... What's your favorite TV commercial? Who/what is your favorite TV spokesperson/mascot for a product?

I very rarely watch any commercials because most of my tv watching is off of my DVR. But my favorite commercial ever: The Angry Chicken. The concept was hilarious, the French narrating with a slightly different English dubbing over it somehow adds to it, and well... Angry chicken! Now for the reason I came up with this question... I really love the Progressive lady, the super enthusiastic one. I really tend to block out most commercials, especially Geico ones (the money watching you and caveman stuff and talking gecko are annoying, weird, and old in that order), but I really like commercials with her in it. It's inexplicable really but I just... really like her!

Jennifer: Yeah, I don't watch too many commercials either and even when I'm not fast-forwarding through them I'm not really paying attention. The ones I "like" are mostly due to a good song or a cute dog or something and I can't even tell you what they were actually advertising. I can tell you which commercials I hate though.... 1) Pretty much all Apple commercials, especially the "There's an app for that" iPhone commercials and the Mac vs. PC commercials. I have a Macbook Pro and two iPods and love them but I HATE their smug advertising. 2) The Old Navy modelquin commercials. Just...creepy.

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burkie said...

i'm sorry, but the first commercial i thought of was politically incorrect, controversial, and eventually pulled from the airwaves, but i laughed histerically the few times i saw it: the Burger King mascot doing a music video to market its Spngebob Squarepants merchandise, singing "i like square butts and i cannot lie..." i just youtubed it and it still makes me laugh. check out the 2-minute extended version. side-splitting stuff.

for something less controversial, i've always enjoyed ESPN's commercials for Sportscenter that integrate sports figures into the ESPN office space.

i like the Progressive lady, too.