Friday, August 13, 2010

"The Beast" Goes Home

Hola readers, Kevin here to write a short post on the departure of Kenny this week on Top Chef. I'm sure most Top Chef viewers were surprised/disappointed/outraged by the decision. Of course I would have preferred Alex to "PPYKAG!" but I think the outcome was fair. Although Kenny did an admirable job fostering cooperation and communication on his team, he was ultimately responsible for 2 dishes that simply did not work.

On Top Chef, each chef is judged for his or her work on that episode alone...this is a somewhat controversial rule, but I think it makes the competition that much more fierce, because it reduces the chance of someone weak from continuing on. But wait!!! you say...then how the heck do ppl like Alex and Lisa from season 6 stick around so long?!?! I guess the system has holes as well especially with Team challenges where someone can coast through. Which incidentally, creates a whole lot of drama for better or worse.

Besides, if one actually looks at the sees that Kenny simply has not been delivering on his massive swagger. According to the handy dandy wikipedia chart, he has only 1 win and 1 high. He's had 3 "ins" and 3 "lows." This is not stellar by any means.

Anywayz... I'm not sure who I'm rooting for this season. Maybe Kevin? He is from Philly...


burkie said...

hey, kevin! welcome to the sandbox :)

i haven't kept up with Top Chef this season. i don't watch the show, but my fellow food blogger michelle at Thursday Night Countdown always "live" blogs the episodes and i read her accounts sometimes.

Jennifer said...

Just watched the episode and I agree that the result wasn't unfair, just unfortunate. While Kenny wasn't as much the beast that he claimed to be, I think he's more talented than Alex or Amanda..

I love looking at those wikipedia charts. Last season, one of the eventual top 4 (Voltaggio bros, Kevin, and Jen) won every single elimination challenge, so it was clear from beginning who were the frontrunners. This season, things are much less clear. There are 7 chefs left, everyone except Amanda has an elimination win, Tiffany and Angelo are the only ones who have never been in the low group, and Kelly had the most wins with two. While last season was enjoyable because of the amazingly high talent level, this season is a much more open playing field