Thursday, August 19, 2010

T^2: Fictional Friends

M: If you could join or be part of any group of fictional friends, what group would you pick?

Jennifer: This is a pretty random answer but I kind of like the guys from Reaper: Sam, Ben, and Sock. Yeah, they're all slackers but they just seem fun and normal and laid back (even when hunting demons). I also like the gang from My Boys, but they probably wouldn't have me since I'm not that into baseball or beer. I'd play poker though. Interesting how I picked groups of mainly guys...maybe this is because I'm happy with my real-life girlfriends!

Hi from Florence. I actually posted this question weeks ago when it first came to me but it kept getting pushed back as a published Thursday Talk question. And then of course I took off without remembering to post an answer. Haha! Well my pick is Glee. I love their mishmash of different semi-social outcast characters who for all of their differences can band together when it counts. Some characters do have some annoying quirks but then again, even of all your closest friends, who doesn't have annoying quirks? So I pick them cuz through it all the cast and characters look like they're having a blast. And I wish I could sing.


Kevin said...

The Scooby Gang! (joss not hanna barbera)

burkie said...

i probably should pick the guys on "Men Of A Certain Age" since, you know, i myself am a man of a certain age, but i've tried the show a couple of times and just haven't been able to relate to them.

or, i should pick the folks on "Cheers," since i also write stories about a group of friends who hang out in a bar. but, those guys would get kind of annoying after a while, and a bar definitely gets boring after a while.

but i'm gonna go with a strange pick: the guys on the movie "Wild Hogs." john travolta, william h. macy, tim allen, and martin lawrence. not the greatest movie, but how great would it be to ride harleys across the contry with those guys? not that i've ever been on a harley before. i'm not the bad ass that jenn is :)