Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Talk: New Fall TV!

J: The new fall TV season is just around the corner. Which new shows interest you? Check out this list.

Jennifer: I'm intrigued by Fox's Lone Star, a prime-time soap set in the world of Texas big oil, another world I know nothing about. It seems ambitious, almost more of a movie premise than a series one but I'll bite. I'm also interested in No Ordinary Family, which sounds like a mash up of The Incredibles and Heroes. I'm thinking it'll either be fantastic or dreadful. And I guess I'll watch Undercovers, even though I still have residual hate for J.J. Abrams because of Alias, and I mean, this is another spy show. It'll probably start out really great at least. Actually I usually try to watch all the new fall shows, excepting procedurals and really dumb sitcoms (I'll be skipping Outsourced, for example). We'll see if my DVR can handle it!

Mira: (Still on vacation!) ...and back! Shows I'm looking forward to: Hellcats (Because there is no denying my teenybopperness), Lone Star (Looks interesting, and I'm a sucker for soap opera-ish dramas. I still remember fondly the attempt by the WB back in the day with Savannah, a prime0time soap set in -duh!- Savannah.), No Ordinary Family (Super hero family! Love The Incredibles and Sky High!), Running Wilde (The pairing of Will Arnett and Keri Russell looks interesting), The Whole Truth (Yeah, I watch procedurals)... Let's see if I have *time* for all these tv shows this fall. I have a lot of school and work. :(


burkie said...

Boardwalk Empire looks most intriguing to me, but i don't have HBO so i can't really be looking forward to it. i'm not really excited by anything on this list, but having just come back from Hawaii and having expressed elsewhere on this blog how much i love the theme song, i know i'll be checking out the new Hawaii Five-0. i've always like Dana Delaney's work, so i'll probaby check out Body of Proof as well.

there are some good performers & former faves coming back to TV this year, so i hope some of these shows impress so that we can see more of them: dana delaney, tom selleck, keri russell, jim belushi, jerry o'connell, adrienne palicki (FNL!), jon voigt, david kieth, michael chiklis, jimmy smits, and of course steve buscemi.

Jennifer said...

Yeah I'm interested in Boardwalk Empire too but I have to wait for DVD for all the HBO shows and then it takes me a long to time to get around to them.

I inexplicably hate Dana Delaney and whenever she shows up anywhere...