Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SYTYCD: finale!

I did watch last week but I didn't post because well I was kind of bored by the dances in the first half of the show. And nothing really grabbed me in the remainder of the show. Still sad that Billy Bell was lost the week before but I guess that from the final 4 the right final 3 made it. Short of Alex, Billy Bell was my third favorite (after Lauren and Kent).

Kent: There was a looot of Bollywood this season! But Kent was fantastic in this. So much energy and fun! Love him...
His solo song was definitely appropriate for the finale. He's so cute!!
Yay for Kent and Lauren. I really want Kent's supposed crush on Lauren to be true! Really cute dance but I feel like since they're so young... more mature would've been better. I felt like they should be breaking out into jitterbug!
I really love Stacey Tookey and her dance concepts. This week's concept was deep but I didn't see it in this piece. It was a good piece but not one I'd really remember!

Lauren: She's my favorite of these final 3... Lo Fro... Not sure I completely cared for the concept of the NappyTabs routine but the choreography was great and I love Lauren in hip hop!
The Lauren and Robert piece was AMAZING...
It's super cute that her favorite dance was with Kent tooooo!

Robert: Wow. Mark and Robert? Nuts! I do love the mix up of more same gender dances this season. The two didn't just look like brothers, they looked like twins! I couldn't tell who was who... BTW, where was Sonya in the second half of this season?? It was all right but I feel Robert got set up for success. Haha.
His interview was a nice reminder of the amazing dance that he did with Allison!
Really enjoyed his piece with Katherine and Broadway so rarely appeals to me but that was really, really good. Impressed that he danced "cool" even with having split his pants.
The gangster dance was interesting... Reminded me of the paso doble. This one was okay for me...

- I heart Cat Deeley!!
- It makes me a little sad that this season was so clearly dominated by only contemporary dancers... What makes this show so great is the diversity of dancers brought together but the dancing was fantastic. Looking forward to the tour!!!
- Lauren FTW! ;)

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Fanny said...

Loved Lauren and Robert!

burkie said...

i don't understand a single word of this post, but it was still fun to read :)