Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday Talk Week 18

J: What is your favorite traditional animated film? Computer-animated? Stop motion? (Any other kind?)

Jennifer: For traditional, my favorite is Beauty and the Beast. I grew up with the Disney films of the 90s and loved a lot of them but I think this one has held up the best as I got older. I know there's newer technology nowadays and all that but the library and ballroom are still GORGEOUS. For computer-animated, I think my favorite is The Incredibles--it's still fresh and funny every time I watch it. For stop-motion, definitely Wallace and Gromit. I enjoyed the feature film, Curse of the Were-Rabbit, but I think the shorts are my favorites. Gromit is so cute! And he knits!

Mira: Mine, too, is Beauty and the Beast! I think it's in large part because it has my favorite Disney songs: "Belle," "Be Our Guest," "Something There," and "Beauty and the Beast." Another close second is Anastasia. For computer-animated I have to go with Finding Nemo. Though Up! was pretty fantastic, too. I only like Wallace and Gromit because of the dog's obsession with cheese, but it didn't really draw me in. Stop-motion just might not be my thing. To add another category, I'm going to add in anime -- simply because I don't think of it in the same way as the other traditional animated films. I adore Miyazaki and his fantastical worlds, but my absolute favorite of them was Kiki's Delivery Service. (Kiki wasn't exactly named after the title character of the movie, but it did occur to me when naming her that there was a connection to the movie.)


Fanny said...

I love Beauty and the Beast and the songs in it. I remember Candy got the sheet music and made me and James practice singing while she played the piano. I had a blast, but I don't think James cared too much for it. And she would get so irritated when we messed up. In second place would be Little Mermaid/Pocahontas. I had the biggest crush on John Smith, which I guess is a little weird being that he's a drawing. Some years later, I found a picture of the real John Smith in one of my Social Studies textbooks; I was not pleased. For computer animated, it would be Finding Nemo.I love Dory. And for anime it would be, My Neighbor Totoro. It was Cantonese dubbed when I saw it. I absolutely loved it, but the cat bus in the movie gave me nightmares. I haven't seen enough stop motion to have a favorite.

burkie said...
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burkie said...

hahaha, that's a great story, fanny! oh, and don't feel too embarrassed about the john smith thing. i think jessica rabbit probably had her share of human admirers, too. in fact, a certain person known as Foxy once admitted to having a crush on Roger Rabbit :)

anyway, at the risk of losing my man card yet again, i have to agree with Beauty & The Beast, though i will give a shout-out to disney's Robin Hood, one of my all-time faves. for computer-animated, i like The Incredibles, too. for stop-action: Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer!