Saturday, May 08, 2010

M: summer movies 2010

I've been meaning to blog this for a while now. Here's a run down of the summer blockbusters and movies I am most looking forward to watching! (Some of them have already hit theaters.)

Iron Man 2 - I heart Robert Downey, Jr. and I really enjoyed the first one.
Letters to Juliet - For whatever reason I really want to see this movie. Maybe it's because I'm going to Italy later this summer. ;-) Odd because I don't really like Amanda Seyfried.
Robin Hood - Though I'd be fine waiting to watch it on DVD...
Sex and the City 2 - Hey, can't stop following the franchise now, right?

Knight and Day - Shrug, what's the summer without a spy thriller? :)
Twilight: Eclipse - Well, not really. I still haven't watched New Moon, but I have read all the books and I enjoyed Twilight. So... I'll watch this eventually.

Salt - Or two. (spy thriller)
Beastly - Where did this movie come from? How come I hadn't heard of this before? Well, I want to watch!

Step Up 3D - I've only been waiting for this for a couple of years! Yay!
Going the Distance - Um, anything with Drew and Justin! (I like them individually, that is.)

I'll probably get to watch maybe 3 of those movies at most. I seriously never make it to the theater! :-(


burkie said...

i'm not aware of most of these movies. only the May ones. i think iron man 2 is the only one that i might see at the cinema, and i'm sure i'll rent Letters to Juliet. the other may movies, probably not. i don't know what any of those other movies are. oh, well yeah, i know what twilight is. haven't seen the others. i'm guessing drew is barrymore (whom i like a lot)? justin...timberlake? he's the only justin i can think of. i like his commecial playing ping pong with peyton manning.

Mira said...

hahahaha justin = justin long, drew barrymore's sometimes boyfriend, or maybe they are together now? :) he was also in he's just not that into you and he's the mac in the mac vs. pc commercials.

i didn't know about all the other movies either until i was looking at the summer movies lists...

Jennifer said...

SO excited for Step Up 3D! Beastly sounds interesting...