Saturday, May 29, 2010

M: gossip girl finale -- i really need to give up this show!

So before I actually saw the finale of the episode, I decided to read a bunch of very complete recaps of the show. In reading these recaps I was horrified with the insane direction the finale had taken. C takes J's V-card?! D picks S over V, but can't chase S to Paris because G shows up preggerz?! C proposes to B and we almost get C and B back together again but D punches C for sleeping with J?! Then C gets mugged and shot?! Oh and N is now channeling his inner C and sleeping around with girls after breaking up with S. And J is finally sent off packing.

Yeah, I read all that, rolled my eyes, and proclaimed that I was ready to be DONE with Gossip Girl! In the same way I completely dropped 90210 and Melrose Place this past season, or The OC before it ended. I tend to have difficulty dropping shows completely, but there is a level of extreme absurdness or extreme wow-I-just-don't-care-anymore. And I decided after reading all those recaps that Gossip Girls had hit that level.

Then I watched the episode.

I don't know what it is about this show. It has NUTSO storylines; it is lacking of truly likable characters because every single character has proven to do truly unredeemably evil, bad, selfish things... But I've watched every single episode to this day. To the show's credit, it does pack a lot into 40 minutes of TV, and maybe that's why I enjoy it? It's ability to zoom right through all its crazy storylines? I have no idea. Maybe I just like Kristin Bell's narrating? ;-) Truthfully the only character I still like on the show maybe 80% of the time is Blair, and that's 50% because of Dorota. Everyone else falls into a likable 20% of the time or less category. So tell me... Why did watching the season finale *not* make me want to give up the show? Reading about it did. But watching it... Now I'm curious to see where they'll take it next season! Is something seriously wrong with me?

I still want C and B to end up together. D is just annoying and V gone is kinda nice. S is a bitch and I hate her. J is finally gone (for a little while at least?). I actually like E a lot, but whenever E is on the screen more than 5 minutes he starts getting evil and annoying, too. N is boring. I used to believe that the best "ship" on the show was B and S but even they're so boring and played out now! So um... Why am I planning on watching more Gossip Girl?!


Jennifer said...

Haha I totally agree. I know the show is ridiculous but I'll still be watching it come the fall. I mean, I did stick with the OC the whole way through (and Mira, I still really think you should watch the last season because it was really good!)...

burkie said...

i may have to guest blog again. i don't think this blog has a single posting about a show with guns or sports cars or bruce campbell or anything manly! oh, i take that back. there are a surprising number of mentions about Friday Night Lights, so football is well represented. handsome young really IS high school all over again, isn't it? :)

Jennifer said...

In my defense, Lost had loads of guns. And like, Twilight has sports cars, so not necessarily a sign of something manly! But yes, do guest blog!