Friday, May 28, 2010

M: life unexpected, finale & renewed!

So I have a whole series of posts in our draft box on season finales but I haven't had time to sit down and finish any of these posts. Now, season finales are hitting me right and left and I definitely know I may never catch up... but here's to trying anyway! I'm going to start with the earliest of these spring season finales -- Life Unexpected!

This is a show that I didn't expect to love and care about, but I really do. For the finale, I was super scared that they would screw with the season finale and let Baz stop Cate and Ryan's wedding. I mean Cate and Baz have this really interesting chemistry and they have Lux between them, but so very obviously Ryan is her perfect guy. And I'm a major shipper, I loooooove ships, but I do not root for Cate + Baz, I'm definitely Team Ryan. My hope is the show producers and writers and powers-that-be recognize this and don't mess with it. Please, please, please don't let the nice guy finish last here. While Baz may be Cate's high school crush, and possible "first love" (I say possible because I don't really believe she could've been "in love" with him back then, just completely "in crush") and for Baz, Cate may become the "girl that got away," they work better separate. Their individual dynamics with Lux as her parents are much more interesting, and Ryan is such a great guy! (Even though I snicker a bit that he's Kerr Smith, also known as Jack from Dawson's Creek.)

In any case, the finale was extremely satisfying for me: Cate and Ryan got married; Lux was fully on board with it and let go of her childish dreams of her real mommy and daddy being together in a nuclear family; Baz realizes what he missed out on with Cate. I think that those were all important events/revelations for each character and I really hope that the next season (yay for renewal! even if it's only 12-13 episodes...) doesn't mess with that, but rather builds on it.

This show is really interesting to me because it does really remind me of Gilmore Girls in feel, even though it's set in a completely different place (Portland, not Connecticut), is grayer in feel, and doesn't have a cast of quirky supporting characters. *shrug* But it definitely satisfies that void in my life left behind by Gilmore Girls (the good, Lorelai-Luke years). :) I hope that the half-season renewal of Life Unexpected eventually becomes a full season renewal. How the heck does The CW justify 20 years of stupid One Tree Hill but only half a season of this show that has actual heart?! *sigh*

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burkie said...

the show could pack a bit more drama than i'd like at times, but the characters are definitely engaging.