Thursday, May 27, 2010

T^2: Missed out!

M: This question came to mind because of all the season (and series) finales happening right now... What's a show that was on air this past season that you really felt like you missed out on?

Mira: I'm not sure if Cougar Town or Modern Family count because technically I did start watching them, but I fell behind and couldn't catch up because the episodes weren't on the website anymore. But I did really want to watch them and didn't get to, and from everything I've read since -- they both sounded awesome. A show that I never even realized existed but sounded interesting to me is USA's Royal Pains which is about to start its second season. Rich people, doctors, corruption; sounds like fun. :) My curiosity is also piqued by Jenn's blog entry on Vampire Diaries. It was a show that just didn't interest me before it started, didn't capture my attention the half episode I happened to catch of it once, but now I must say I am a bit interested. I'd like to point out that Lost is not on my list. I have yet to see a single episode of it and had figured if I ever did start watching it, it would be after it ended. Well it's ended and I'm still not interested... Anyone want to change my mind on this? :)

Jennifer: It's not a show that I normally would be interested in but I wanted to watch The Good Wife but never got around to it. I've also heard very good things about Breaking Bad but haven't watched that either, and I have whole seasons of Damages and Justified on my DVR unwatched. And of course there are all the premium cable shows, like The Pacific and Treme, that I always intend to catch on DVD but there's just never enough time...

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burkie said...

hmmm...that's a tough question. i actually watched quite a few shows at least one shot this year, so i'm not sure that are any that i feel i missed out on completely except for jenn's Vampire Diaries. can i count a show that i only watched once? Men Of A Certain Age was a show that i thought looked interesting and i was looking forward to watching it. i only saw one episode, though, and wasn't that impressed, so perhaps i never gave it a proper chance. i head lots of good things about Glee and watched that once, too, but perhaps i should give it another chance?