Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jennifer's frustration-minimizing American Idol viewing strategy

I've expressed the many, many issues I have with American Idol multiple times. But as a self-professed TV/media/entertainment fan, it's a FORCE that's just hard to ignore. Of course, now that Simon Cowell is leaving the show, who knows what's going to happen? But last season I hit on a formula for keeping up with the show that requires a minimal amount of my time and frustration, so as season 9 begins, here's the plan:

1. Skip the audition rounds. It just takes up too much time and there's too much of the judges and Ryan Seacrest and well, cringing. Unlike on So You Think You Can Dance, where there are talented people that "aren't right for the show" that are worth watching, on Idol bad singing is just bad singing.
2. Once performance rounds start, either start watching late from DVR in order to fast forward through filler, bad performances, and judging; or better yet, just watch clips on the Internet the following morning of people/songs that interest me or that I read were good.
3. Skip the results show entirely. In my experience, there's absolutely nothing interesting that happens on them. Wikipedia gets updated with who gets eliminated pretty much instantly.
4. Watch Idolatry on EW.com. This is actually my favorite part. It fills in the holes (from things missed during all the stuff I didn't watch above) and it's just hilarious. I love Michael Slezak and the editing is genius.

I actually thought last season was an improvement in terms of the actual contestants. Kris, Adam, and Allison were closer than ever to the kind of music I listen to in real life (though I doubt it'll ever really get there...) Will this trend continue?

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burkie said...

i love the fact that you have a strategy and resources so that you can still review a show you don't like very much :)
i've never seen idol, but that idolatry show sounds fun!