Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I think I'm over American Idol

Somehow I've continued to watch Idol for years even though I'm completely not a fan of the type of music they sing on this show nor the type of music that the finalists put out after the show. I mean, last season my favorite was Blake, but I didn't want him to win because I didn't want him to get saddled with the dreck that the winner has to sing as his/her first single but then I wasn't really interested in his album when it came out anyway.

This season though...I seem to have lost my patience. The fact that they had a 60s theme during the Top 24 was just ridiculous...I didn't watch most of the auditions so I didn't know who most of these people were or what their personal style was and it was really hard to get to know them when they weren't in their comfort zones. And that's besides the fact that I'm just not into 60s music...or at least the kind of 60s music they were all singing. I just didn't care!

So unless someone informs me that there actually is someone awesome to root for or maybe a halfway decent theme (I don't know how I suffered through those terrible celebrity themes from last season...Bee Gees anyone?)...I'm out.

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Mira said...

the following week was 70's themed. ::gag::