Sunday, January 17, 2010

golden globes

Best Supporting Actress (Movie) - Hadn't seen ANY of the movies the nominees were in. But the second lady nominated for Up in the Air had a beautiful dress on!

Best Actress (TV series, Comedy/Musical) - Really wanted Lea Michele to win, but knew it was a long-shot. Instead, discovered that Toni Collette was Aussie?! Thought she was American this entire time. WOW!

Best Supporting Actor (TV Series) - Really wanted NPH to win, but once again, knew it probably wouldn't happen. Didn't know John Lithgow was in Dexter!

Best Animated Feature Film - I really wanna see all of these movies! Have only seen Up and not surprised it won. :) Yay!

(NPH presents! Yay!)
Best Actor (TV Series, Drama)
- Dexter is wiping the boards.

Best Actress (TV Series, Drama) - That's a lot of boob showing on Anna Paquin. Glad she didn't win. :) And extra glad Juliana won because I really like The Good Wife and she makes the show! (2nd jab at NBC/Jay/Conan fiasco.)

Best Actress (Movie, Comedy/Musical) - Woohoo! Odds were stacked in her favor, but I do believe there have been times when a person was nominated twice in one category and didn't win at all. I have yet to see Julie & Julia but I heard she was fantastic. So, yay!

Best Actor (TV Series, Comedy/Musical)
- Alec Baldwin and he's not here! Letdown.

Best TV Series (Drama) - Mad Men. We really need to get to watching this show! (Have it on DVD.)

Best Supporting Actress (TV Series) - Boo! a) I really don't like Chloe's dress. b) I really wanted Jane Lynch to win. Yeah, I'm Glee-biased, but Jane Lynch is really awesome.

Best Supporting Actor (Movie) - That reminds me, I really wanna see Invictus. Winner: Inglourious Bastards dude. According to my friend Jane, I really need to see IG, too.

Best Director (Movie) - Surprise, surprise. James Cameron. When you go into hiding for YEARS, then make a crazy big movie that's all blue and 3-d... :) J/K. But I'm not surprised.

Best TV Series (Comedy/Musical) - Ooh, I like these nominees as a whole. Whoa, Glee?!?! I was actually hoping for/expecting Modern Family this time.. LOL. Yay!

Best Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical) - Okay so I need to watch The Hangover, too. Quite surprising, even though there were murmurings of this happening.

Best Actress (Movie, Drama) - No surprises here either. I still need to see Blind Side, but I'm happy for Sandra Bullock! Ooh, she remembered to thank the Tuohy's this time. (She didn't at the People's Choice Awards.)

Best Actor (Movie, Comedy/Musical) - Haha, Sherlock Holmes = comedy? I guess it was funny. Oh, I was hoping that JGL would win for 500 Days, but RDJ was pretty awesome as Sherlock. And that's one of the few movies I have actually watched. :) I love RDJ's humor. Can't wait for Iron Man 2!

Best Actor (Movie, Drama) - I haven't seen any of these movies either. Good job, Jeff?

Best Motion Picture (Drama) - How about, whoever wins this, I'll add to my Netflix queue? Sigh, I guess it's Avatar to my queue. :) Well, it's a few months before it comes out on DVD anyway.

My favorite dress: Anna Kendrick (link)
Number of jabs at NBC/Jay Leno: III

Final words: I need to watch more movies this year! Sheesh. Awards shows for TV and movies are half boring when you haven't seen ANY of the movies nominated... Whoops.

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